Aiwa BM ZK2 Owners Manual

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Aiwa BM ZK2 Owners Manual

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15 En TUNER OPERATIONS Manual tuning 1 Press BAND (hold down SHIFT and press BAND on the remote) to select a band. The unit switches to the tuner from any other function and alternates between FM and AM. 2 Press f or g repeatedly to tune in a station."TUNED" is displayed when a station is tuned in. "1" is displayed for FM stereo reception. To search for a station automatically (Auto search) Hold down f or g. The unit searches for a station and stops at reception. To stop the search manually, press f or g. •Auto search may not stop at stations with weak signals. Preset tuning Preset up to 32 of your favourite stations and tune in directly. Presetting stations 1 Tune in the desired station. 2 Press ENTER (or a) to store the station.The preset number, beginning from "1" appears in the display. 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to preset other stations.The next station will not be stored if a total of 32 preset stations have already been stored. ("FULL" is displayed.) •If power is interrupted for more than approximately 12 hours, all settings stored in memory after purchase need to be reset. Tuning in pr eset stations 1 Select the band. 2 Turn MULTI JOG (or press c repeatedly).On the remote, press r or t repeatedly. With each press, the station with the succeeding or preceding preset number is tuned in. You can tune in the desired preset station directly by pressing the numbered buttons on the remote. -To select preset number 7, press 7. -To select preset number 12, press +10 and 2. To clear a preset station 1Tune in the station by preset tuning. 2Press CLEAR, then press ENTER on the remote within 6 seconds. On the main unit, press s then press a within 6 seconds. Preset station numbers in the band which are higher than the cleared number decrease by one. Adjustments To switch to monaural FM reception Hold down SHIFT and press TUNER MODE on the remote so that "MONO" is displayed. To cancel, repeat the above so that "STEREO" is displayed. Tip:When FM stereo reception is poor, switching to monaural reduces noise. To switch the AM tuning interval The default setting of the AM tuning interval is 10 kHz/step. If you use this unit in an area where the frequency allocation system is 9 kHz/step, change the tuning interval. Hold down TUNER/BAND and press POWER on the main unit. Tip:When the AM tuning interval is changed, all preset stations are cleared. BAND POWER 1-9,0/10,+10 r SHIFTs ENTER BAND TUNER MODE a,s,c f,gt f,g ENTER MULTI JOG