Aiwa AW PZP5 Owners Manual

This is the 40 pages manual for Aiwa AW PZP5 Owners Manual.
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Aiwa AW PZP5 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Aiwa AW PZP5 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

Page 27

28GB To enhance your system, you can connect optional components. Refer to the operating instructions provided with each component. AWP-ZP5 is used for illustration purpose. A MD jacks Use audio cords (not supplied) to connect an optional analog component (MD deck or VCR, etc.) to these jacks. You can then listen to the sound from the component. B USB port (except for AWP-ZP1) Use the supplied USB cable to connect a personal computer (see “Optional Personal Computer (except for AWP-ZP1)” on page 22). C USB hub ports (AWP-ZP5 only) Connect an optional USB component (USB memory key, etc.) to these USB hub ports (see “Connecting an optional USB component” on page 27). Optional Components Hooking up optional components A personal computer From the audio output jacks of an optional analog componentOptional analog component Optional USB component