Aiwa AD WX777 Service Manual

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Aiwa AD WX777 Service Manual

Extracted text from Aiwa AD WX777 Service Manual (Ocr-read)

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S/M Code No.89 7' 064 DATE OF ISSUE 9/1989 WI


l [:5 :3: 000 O .



Type Stereo cassette tape deck Motor DC Servomotor x 2
Track lormat 4 tracks, 2 channels Heads Record/playback head x 1
Power supply AD-WX777E, Z Playback head x 1
AC 220 V, 50/60 HZ Erase head x 1
AD-WX777K Inputs LINE IN maximum input
AC 240V, 50/60 Hz sensitivity: 50 mV (over 50 k0)
AD-WX777U, C Outputs LINE OUT standard output level:
AC 120 V, 60 Hz 360 mV (0 VU); suitable toad
AD-WX777H impedance: over 50 k0
AC 120 V/220 v124o v Dimensions 430(Vl0x140(H)x 313(0) mrn
switchable, 50/60 Hz Weight 5.2 kg
Power consumption
23 W

Frequency response
METAL tape: 20-18900 Hz
CrO, tape: 20-17000 Hz .

Design and specifications are subject to change without
NORMAL tape: 20v16,000 H2

' l- - ii . . .
Signa to noise ra :3 dB (METAL tape DOLBY C NR 0 Norse reduction system manufactured under license from
ON) Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
Wow and flutter Deck ltP-BJ DIN 45 00 o Dolby and the DD syiiibol are trademarks of Dolby Labo-
gség'L/(Afigfigg to 5 ) ratories Licensing Corporation.
Deck 2

018% (According to DIN 45500)
0.065% (WRMS)
Tape speed 4 8 cmlsec. (17/3 lps).
9:5 cmlsec (Double speed)
Recording system Ac bias (frequency 108 kHz)
Erase system AC erase

AiWA CO., Ltd. Tokyo Japan

Printed in Japan