Aiwa AD F220 Service Manual

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Aiwa AD F220 Service Manual

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Follow the instructions carefully, which will allow the user to optimise the products performance
and give many years of serivce.


No scratch and melting shall be made to covered leod~wires of an
a.c. primary circuit including mains leads.

. Na illegib ity shall be given to the specification plate, the cau-

tion labels, the fuse labels and others.

. When, on pattern sides of circuit boards, additional repair-parts

have been made up, the parts shall be firmly glued to circuit
boards or other components, unless the parts can be attached

. The following matters shall be maintained a they are, when

1) Soldering oi leadwire ends
iCare should be taken of the space distance in an ac. pri-
mary circuit as well as soldering.
2) Wiring and holding of lead-wires with WIVE'CiipS and binders
3) Materials of lead-wires
" e.g.; For UL models, leadwires to be used shall be ap-
proved or accepted by the UL.
4| Location of all kinds of insulators
5] Setting of voltage selector switch
Set the Voltage Selector Switch to 240V, 220V, or 120V,
According to your Local Voltage.

. After repaired, the insulation resistance or leakage current shall

be measured with 500 2 5V 0.0 and shall be not less than 1Mn.

Measuring Paint

Connect l0 ChaSSis or OulSide (-) oi Pin Jack

Pm Jack (.-;J

Raling 1 More than lMSl/SDOV DC

AC Power Cord (3,8)

6. General instructions for mechanism repair

1) The heads, capstan and pinch roller shall be cleaned of good
quality alcohol after repaired, because dirty heads shall cause
distorted sounds while dirty capstan and pinch roller shall
occur wow/flutter and takeaup fault.
Lubricants been stained the surfaces of transmitting portion
of the belts, idlers, capstan and pinch roller shall be removed,
because slippery and faulty tape travel shall be caused.
When oiling, only one or two drops shall be applied so as
not to run over and be dispersed. Note should be taken of the
metal fitting for the capstan and rotating portions of the
idlers and pinch roller, especially.
E-rings and poly slider washers shall be replaced with new
ones, if once those have been removed. A No re~uti|ization
clue to unreliability.
Regular spare-parts shall always be used for repair, because
using irregular parts and tampering With the products shall
cause deterioration, mulfunction and damage,





As to disassembling instructions, refer to the se ice manual or