Airline wards GTL 3829A

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airline wards GTL 3829A

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w ',t \; F IG. 1 TOP V IEW OF MECHAN ISM W ITH D RESS PLATE REMOVED t 9E lzGt trl 3=90Dcl rllF to one track only. l. Tape may be edited by cutting out unwanted portions or by rejoining selections into another sequency. Announcements may be inserted be- tween selections etc. Unused sections can be spliced for re-use. 2. For best results, cut tape at a slight diagonal, join ends with splicing tape on glossy side, and trim any excess width. Dual-Track Recording One-haU of the tape width is recorded at a time, thereby resulting in two-track recording. This two- track recording is accomplished in the following manner: l. After a reel of tape has been recorded and all tape wound onto the right (takeup) reel, turn function selector knob to Idle. 2. Remove reels from recorderl turn full reel over and place it on left spindle. Place empty reel on right spindle. 3. Properly threadtape and proceedwith reeording. 4. After second track has been recorded, first traek can be played without rewinding by rever- sing reel as described in step 2. D ISASSEMBLY To Remove Recorder f rom Cabinet Remove four screws on bottom of cabinet. Remove four screws (two on each side) on sides of cabinet. Lift up unit and disconnect speakers. 4. Remove unit from cabinet. To Remove Amplif ier From Tape Transport t. Disconnect head leads. 2. Disconnect speaker jack. 3. Disconnect external amplifier jack. 1. 2. 3. O(7rrln l Page 3