Advent powered loudspeaker ls

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advent powered loudspeaker ls

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(All specs are with 120 VAC line)

Control Panel

I 1

Maximum input signal level: 10 volts RMS ‘4

Hum and noise, (sensitivity control at 1v, input shorted, EQ.
controls at zero):

Woofer less than 0.1mv

Tweeter less than 0.1mv

Total harmonic distortion, (EQ. controls at zero): Woofer (lv
RMS out at l khz): Less than 0.05% THD. Tweeter (1v RMS out at
10 khz): Less than 0.05% THD. .

Input impedance: 100k ohms

EQ. gain and frequency response (sensitivity control at 0.3V,
E0. controls at zero):
Woofer +7db at 20 hz
+7db at MOO hz
Odb at 7 khz

Tweeter Odb at #00 hz
+2.5db at 3 khz
+6db at 10 khz

EQ. control cut 8 boost, (relative to mid position):
Bass, Udb/+6db at 30 hz 1 2 hz '
Treble, -udb +udb at 10 khz M
Power supply requirement: i lu VDC, approx. 7ma.
Power Amps
Hum and noise, (inputs shorted) less than 0.5mv either amplifier.
Power output, woofer amplifier: 80 watts (22v RMS into 6 ohms
load at l khz). Tweeter amplifier: 80 watts (15.5 VRMS minimum
into 3 ohm load at 10 khz). Note: The tweeter protection circuit
must be disabled for this test.

Distortion: Less than 0.1% THD, either amplifier up to 80 watts
either 3 or 6 ohms load.

VI limiting: Activates at 7.5V RMS into 2 ohms either amp.

Tweeter protection limit: Tweeter amp, activates at 9.5V RMS at

l khz, llv RMS at 10 khz, no load.

DC/Excursion limit: Woofer amp. activates at 30v RMS at 20 hz

output, no load, or +13v DC out, either amplifier, no load.

Backplate thermal limit: Activates at 75°C backplate temperature:

reset time approximately 30 seconds after shutoff in 25°C ambient.
Complete System Electronics \‘y

Hum and noise, (sensitivity control at 1v, input shorted, HQ