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adcom gtp 502 owners manual

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G TP-502

Tuner Preamplifier


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Warninngo reduce the risk or tire or electric shock, do
not expose this unlt to rain or moisture.

Read all lhe sarety and operating instructions belore connochng or usrng Ihls unlL
Rainin thi: notice and tha nwnars manual Ior Iuhire reterenee,
All warnings on lhe unit and rn the oporaling instructions should be adhered lo.

Do not use this unll near water: tor example. near a bathtub. washtmwl, kllchen sink,
laundry tub. in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool.

The AC power cold should be rouhkt Sn that it l< nol likely to be walked on Dr pinched,
especially near lhe plug. convenience receptacles. or where lhe cord exrls the unrl,

The AC power cord should be unplugged lrorn the wall outlet when the unil Is to be
unused tor a long period or time

This unit should be serviced by qualllled service personnel when:
"The power cord or plug has been damaged; or
«Objects have fallen or IIQUId has been spilled, IMO the unit: or

«The unit does nol appear to operale normally, or exhibits a marked change in
periolmance; or

The device has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged.
All warnims on the unit and in its operatlno instructions should be adhered to,

The unit should be installed so that its location or position does not inlerlele with its
proper ventilation. For example, it should not no situated on a bed, sola, mg. or similar

Mot ohmic Ihodt
DD NM 9E5 .

surlace that may biock the ventilation openings; or placed ln a built-in installation. sucn
as a bookcase or cabinet. that may impede lhe llow ol air through ils vemilation open-

The null should he slluated away lrom heat sources such as radiators, heat registers,
stoves. or other devices lrncludirrg amplitlersl that produce heat.

The unit should be connected to a power -supply duller only at the vooltage and ne-
quency marked on rls rear panel.

Care should be taken so that objects do not rail, and liquids are not soilled. inlo the
enclosure openings.

ll necessary, rne user snould consult the dealer or an experienced radio/television lech-
nician ior additional suggestions. The user may find the lollawing booklet prepared by the
Federal Communiealions Commtssion helplul: WM
W'nus buuklal i: avallatfie rlulll the U3 Govslnmem Priming Cl
lice, Washington. DC, 20402. Stodt No. 004-000-00345-4.

Caution -. Use or controls nr ndprstrnents or pertomlanca or procedures other than
those specified herein may result in hazardous radlalion exposure

Caution -- To prevent electrical shock. do not use the polarized plug with an extension
cord or receptacle, 0r OIhSr oullel unless the blades can be tully inserted to prevent
blade exposure.

Attention» Pour orevenlr les chocs electrioues ne pas utiliser celte liohe polarisee aver:
un prolongateur. une plise de oouram ou une autre some de oouralll, saul si Ies Iames

peuvente etre lnserees a lond sans Iaisser aucune partle a decourveri.


Thls lightning Ilash with arrowhea " symbol is inlended to alert the user at the presence 01 unlnsulated dangerous Voltage" within the products enclosure that may be at

A sulficient magnitude u; mnemnle a risk at Alartrlr :hnrk In perenne

This exclamation point symbol IS intended to alert [he user to the presence of important Operating and maintenance (servicingl Instructions In the Iiteratule accompanying the


Do not place this unit on an unstabte cart, stand. tripod, bracket. or tattle. The unit may tall, causing Serious lnjury to a child or adult. and serious damage to the unit. Use only
will! a cart. stand, tripod, bracket. or labte recommended by the manulalcturer. or sold with the Hull. Any mounting at the device should lollow the rrlanulaclurels instructions. and

should use a mounting accessory recommended by the manuiaclurar.