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Adcom GTP 830 Owners Manual

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A NOTE FROM ADCOM Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the ADCOM GTP-830 Digital Processing Tuner/ Preamplifier. The GTP-830 provides Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with 7.1 output channels, as well as a 5.1 analog bypass and the RDS radio data system. These features and ADCOMs legendary quality provide the heart of your cutting-edge home theater. ADCOM PROTECTION PLAN (USA ONLY) ADCOM offers the enclosed valuable Limited Warranty. Please read the details on the Warranty Card carefully to understand the extent of the protection offered by the Warranty, its reasonable limitations, and what you should do in order to obtain its benefits. Be sure to verify that the serial number printed on the rear panel matches the serial number on the outer carton. If any number is altered or missing, you should notify us immediately in order to ensure that you have received a genuine ADCOM product which has not been opened, mishandled, or tampered with in any fashion. CONCEALED SHIPPING DAMAGE Before your new GTP-830 left our factory, it was carefully inspected for physical imperfections and tested for all mechanical and electrical parameters as a routine part of ADCOMs systematic quality control program. This should ensure a flawless product in both appearance and performance. After you have unpacked the GTP-830, inspect it for physical damage. Save the shipping carton and all packing material as they are intended to reduce the possibility of transportation damage should your component ever need to be shipped or moved again. In the unlikely event that damage has occurred, notify your dealer immediately and request the name of the freight carrier so a written claim to cover shipping damages can be filed. THE RIGHT TO A CLAIM AGAINST A PUBLIC CARRIER CAN BE FORFEITED IF THE CARRIER IS NOT NOTIFIED PROMPTLY, IN WRITING, AND IF THE SHIPPING CARTON AND PACKING MATERIALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION BY THE CARRIER. SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIALS UNTIL THE CLAIM HAS BEEN SETTLED. This unit is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. It is additionally licensed under one or more of the following patents: U.S. number 3,959,950, Canadian numbers 1,004,603 and 1,037,877. Dolby® Pro Logic®, and Dolby Digital® are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Manufactured under license from Digital Theater Systems, Inc. US Patent Number 5,451,942 and other world-wide patents issued and pending. DTS, dts, DTS Digital Surround, are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Copyright 1996 Digital Theater Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. *Save the shipping carton and all packing material.

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For example, if the m1button is programmed in Group 1 mode to turn on the TV, turn on the audio receiver, turn on the VCR, and then turn on the satellite receiver, it will perform the same series of commands whenever the m1button is pressed IF main, vid 1, vid 2, or vid 3sources are selected at the time you select that macro. If youve pro- grammed a Group 2 macro, it will send out an iden- tical command sequence whenever vid 4, vid 5, tuner, or CDinputs are selected. Programming Macro Initiator Buttons: 1. Press either the Group 1 or Group 2 source selec- torbutton (mainor vid 4respectively) and the mute button simultaneously. Hold both buttons until the red status LEDand the input selectorbutton remain lighted. 2. Press the macro initiator button (power, m1, m2, m3or m4) you wish to program. 3. Select and press up to 10 buttons you wish to store in the macro. Both source selectorand functionbuttons count as individual commands. Remember that each macro can hold only up to 10 individual commands. 4. Press the tuning upbutton to save the macro. The red status LEDand input selectorbutton will blink twice to confirm programming and then turn off. Please note: - To add a power (on/off) command to the macro, use the mute button in place of the powerbutton. - The tuning up/down buttons cannotbe used in a macro sequence. Deleting Macro Initiator Buttons: 1. Press either the Group 1 or Group 2 source selec- torbutton (mainor vid 4respectively) and the mute button simultaneously. Hold both buttons until the red status LEDand the input selector button remain lighted. 2. Press the macro initiator button (power, m1, m2, m3or m4) you wish to delete. 3. Press the tuning upbutton. The red status LED and input selectorbutton will blink twice to confirm deletion of the macro. GTP-830 DIGITAL PROCESSING TUNER/PREAMPLIFIER 28 | ADCOM OWNERS MANUAL

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3.6 Input Settings Input Settings shows information about the current state of operation of the GTP-830, and repeats much of the same information shown on the GTP- 830s front panel. This menu should be the only part of the on-screen display you might elect to use reg- ularly after setup is complete, as it allows you to easily see the operating mode from the listening position. Highlight INPUT SETTINGS in the SETUP menu and press Select on the remote. You will see a screen similar to the following : The available choices in each of the fields can be selected with the Left or Right arrow buttons on the remote; confirm the choice with Select button. AUDIO = identifies the selected audio input VIDEO = identifies the selected video input MODE = indicates the surround mode of the select- ed input (DOLBY DIGITAL, DTS, PRO LOGIC, HALL, STEREO). DYNAMIC RANGE = indicates the dynamic range currently selected (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) in Dolby Digital mode only, or N/A for the other modes. Highlight SAVE & EXIT and press Select to save the altered settings and return to the SETUP menu. Otherwise, select DO NOT SAVE & EXIT to leave without saving any changes. INITIAL SETUP INPUT SETTINGS AUDIO= VIDEO 1 VIDEO= VIDEO 1 MODE= STEREO DYNAMIC RANGE= N/A DO NOT SAVE AND EXIT SAVE AND EXIT 2-3 ft. surround rear left Note: If space permits, install surrounds 2-3 feet above viewers.This helps to minimize localization effects. ADCOM OWNERS MANUAL | 35