Adcom GTP 500 II Service Manual

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Adcom GTP 500 II Service Manual

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FM IF and HF Alignment / FM MPX Alignment GTP-500ll

Instruments: FM Stereo Signal Generator (400Hz. Modulated @ 100%). THD Analyzer. Oscilloscope. AC Voltmeter.
Digital DC Voltmeter
Connections: THD Analyzer, Oscilloscope and AC Voltrneter to audio outputs (LEFT 0r RIGHT as necessary).

Generator Tuning Dial
Step . Setting Adjust Adiust for
Coupling Frequency
1 875MHz L107 3V reading. i 0.1V. on
Dc Voltmeter across TPS & TP4
Not Necessary
23V reading, 1 0.2V, on
2 ‘OBMHZ C.” 04 DC voltmeter across TPS 8t TP4
3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 until no lunher improvement is observed.
Maximum reading on
4 90MH2 90MH2 L102, L103. L104 AC V oltm el er
Antenna terminal, . .
5 input below 105MHz 105MHz 0“ 0" Max‘mu’" readmg °"
limiting oi IF CT102, CT103 AC Voltmeter
Maximum output.
5 saw: 98MHz L106 minimum distonion
7 Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until no further improvement is obsewed. [MUTING OFF]
8 L151W 0.000V. iomav, on DC Voltmeter
Antenna terminal connected across TPt &TP2
1mV in ut ’ 90MHz SOMHZ _ , ~~~~~~~~
p L151 B Minimum reading on THD
9 t , Analyzer
‘0 Repeat steps 8 and 9 until no further improvement is obsenred. (MUTING OFF]
Antenna terminal Muting level
' 90MHZ QOMHz VR 151
" 15uV input [MUTING oul
Antenna terminal. 90W VR 152 SIGNAL LEVEL INDICATOR
‘2 1mv input SOMHZ 1 5m LED ON
1 a Amenna terminal. 93MH1 Pllot@10%. ssMHz VR 301 Best separation MUTING ON.
imV input [L or Ft] 1kH1 @ 90% mod. HI BLEND OFF
AM IF and RF Alignment

Instruments: AM Signal Generator [400l-lz, Modulated @ 30%), AC Voltmeter. Oscilloscope. DC Voltmeter,
Connections: AC Voltmeter and Oscilloscope to audio outputs (LEFT or RIGHT).

Generator Tuning Dial
Ste - ' '
P Coupling Frequency smug Adjust Adjust tor
1 530kHz L203 (N, i 0.1V, on
WWW, m,t Necessary l531kHzl Eurons oc Voltrneter across 193 & TN
2 1600kH2 CT202 25V, 1 0.2V, on
(1602kHz) Europe DC Voltmeter across TP3 & TP4
3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 until no further improvement is observed.
4 Use Test Loop 450kHz 530kHz L206
Use Test Loo . Maximum reading
5 Raw“ sign; scout: SOOkHz L202. L204 on Ac yams”.
into loop antenna,
6 2mV input level 1400 kHz MOOkHz CT201
7 Repeat steps 5 and 6 until no further improvement is observed.
Use Test Loop NWWWWWW‘WMW“
Radiate signal
8 in“, loop Manna. 1ODOkHz ‘lOOOkHz vnzm 3'6 NALerEE'El'gBICATOR
5mV input level