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adcom gfp 1 a owners manual

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We ask that you thoroughly read this owners manual before
turning your ADCOM pre-amplifier on. (For those in a hurry, please
read Sections 1-5).

Your ADCOM GFP-lA represents the finest thinking in advanced
pre-amplifier design. The superior performance of the GFP-lA is a
result of a thorough rethinking of high performance concepts in pre-
amplifier engineering. Some of the outstanding features of this

product are:

A comprehensive phono pre-amplifier section that allows for the
selection of cartridge gain matching and capacitance loading to
optimize the performance from your cartridge. CX* is also featured
as a part of the phone section and is easily calibrated with the
test record supplied. I

A flexible tape circuit that allows you to listen to one input
while taping from a different input. For example you can dub from
one tape deck to another tape deck and at the same time listen to
the tuner. There are inputs for DAD (Digital Audio Disc) and/or
Video equipment. There is also an input and output circuit for

signal processors.

The above features and many others will be clearly explained
in the following sections of this manual. The manual has been written
to anticipate the kinds of questions and problems you might encounter
in enjoying the full benefits of you ADCOM GFP-lA pre-amplifier.
Please read it thoroughly to totally understand all the features
offered and how they can be used in your audio system,

*Noise reduction system manufactured under license trom CBS Inc.