Adcom GFP 815 Owners Manual

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Adcom GFP 815 Owners Manual

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ADCOM LLC PO Box 54087 Phoe\fix, AZ 85032 Ph\bne, Fax \br Email inquiries t\b: V\bice: (480) 6072277 Fax: (623) 5059523 M\bnday thr\bugh Friday, 9:00 AM t\b 5:00 PM MST Email: service@adc\bmusa.c\bm F\br \fax inquiries, please include a return \fax number \f\br the reply. When calling \br writing ab\but y\bur ADCOM pr\bduct, be sure t\b n\bte and re\fer t\b its serial number as well as the date \b\f purchase and the dealer \fr\bm wh\bm it was purchased. In any c\bmmunicati\bns t\b us, please in clude a daytime ph\bne number where we may reach y\bu. In the event the unit needs t\b be sent t\b a service center, y\bu will be instructed \bn the pr\bper pr\bcedure when y\bu call \br write \f\br a return auth\brizati\bn. Under no circum- stances should your unit be shipped to our factory with- out prior authorization, or packed in other than its orig- inal carton and fillers. Always ship prepaid via FEDEX \br UPS. D\b n\bt ship via Par cel P\bst, since the packing was n\bt designed t\b withstand r\bugh Parcel P\bst handling. Impr\bper packaging and ship ment \b\f the pr\bduct will v\bid y\bur warranty c\bverage. Warranty – USA & Canada This warranty is \bnly valid i\f this pr\bduct was purchased and used in the United States \br Canada. Warranty c\bver age \f\br pr\bducts purchased and/\br used \butside \b\f the United States and/\br Canada is pr\bvided by l\bcal ADCOM auth\brized dealers and distribut\brs in the c\buntry where the pr\bduct was s\bld. C\bnsult y\bur l\bcal dealer \br distribu t\br ab\but the terms \b\f y\bur warranty. ADCOM LLC, makes the \f\bll\bwing limited warranties. The se limited warranties extend t\b the \briginal purchaser \br any pers\bn receiving this pr\bduct as a gi\ft \fr\bm the \brigi nal purchaser and t\b n\b \bther purchaser \br trans\feree. There is no warranty provided by ADCOM for products purchased from unauthorized sellers, dealers or from previous owners. Limited Two Year \barranty (Home, Non-Commercial Use Only) Brie\fly, ADCOM warrants this pr\bduct against de\fects in materials \br w\brkmanship \f\br a peri\bd \b\f tw\b (2) years a\fter the date \b\f \briginal retail purchase \fr\bm an ADCOM auth\brized dealer. During this peri\bd, ADCOM will repair \br replace a de\fective pr\bduct \br part, at \bur \bpti\bn, with a new \br re\furbished pr\bduct \br part with\but charge t\b y\bu. C\bnsult the warranty d\bcument encl\bsed with the pr\bduct \br \bur website \f\br the c\bmplete terms and c\bndi ti\bns \b\f the warranty. Limited Ninety (90) Day \barranty (Commercial Use Only) Brie\fly, ADCOM warrants this pr\bduct against de\fects in materials \br w\brkmanship \f\br a peri\bd \b\f ninety (90) days a\fter the date \b\f \briginal retail purchase \fr\bm an ADCOM auth\brized dealer. C\bnsult the warranty d\bcument en cl\bsed with the pr\bduct \br \bur website \f\br the c\bmplete terms and c\bnditi\bns \b\f the warranty. N\b pers\bn, agent, distribut\br, dealer, \br c\bmpany is au th\brized t\b change, m\bdi\fy \br extend the terms \b\f ADCOM warranties in any manner whats\bever. Your Responsibilities The ab\bve warranties are subject t\b the \f\bll\bwing c\bnditi\bns: (1) Y\bu must retain and present y\bur dated inv\bice \br bill \b\f sale t\b pr\bvide pr\b\b\f \b\f \briginal purchase \fr\bm an ADCOM Auth\brized Dealer and c\bverage during the warran ty p eri\bd. (2) All warranty servicing \b\f this pr\bduct must be d\bne by an auth\brized ADCOM Service Center. (3) Charges by third parties \f\br setup, installati\bn, de installati\bn, adjustments, shipment, insurance, and \bther charges are n\bt c\bvered by this warranty. (4) This warranty extends \bnly t\b de\fects in material \br w\brkmanship as limited ab\bve and d\bes n\bt extend t\b any pr\bduct \br part which has been l\bst \br discarded by y\bu, \br t\b damage t\b pr\bducts \br parts caused by misuse, acci dent, pets, Acts \b\f G\bd such as lightning \br \fluctuati\bns in electrical p\bwer, impr\bper installati\bn, impr\bper mainte nance \br use in vi\blati\bn \b\f instructi\bns pr\bvided in this Owner’s Manual, \br t\b pr\bducts which have been altered \br m\bdi\fied. This warranty d\bes n\bt extend t\b pr\bducts which have had the serial number rem\bved, altered, de \faced, \br rendered illegible. (5) Physical damage t\b the pr\bduct \fr\bm any cause isn\bt c\bvered by this warranty and the pr\bduct will be returned as received with\but repair.