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adcom gfa 7805 7807 owners manual

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WELCOME 2 Dear fellow ADCOM product owner, Welcome to the ADCOM family! For more than twenty years, ADCOM products have delivered excellent performance and value for customers around the world. Our products are designed by our experienced and demanding engineering team, built to the highest standards in our factory, and sold and serviced through dealers, custom installers, and other retailers whose primary goal is your complete satisfaction. We know you are anxious to hear your new amplifier in action, but please take a few minutes to read this owner-s manual before connecting the amplifier to your system. Because ADCOM amplifiers can put out tremendous power, it is particularly important that you connect your amplifier to your pre-amplifier and speakers while the amplifier is unplugged and your other equipment is turned off. This will protect the amplifier and other equipment from potential short circuits that may occur during installion. In addition, it is important that you allow for adequate ventilation around your amplifier and other equipment, since excessive heat buildup can shorten the life of any electronic product, including the amplifier. Once you have correctly connected your pre-amplifier and speakers to your new amplifier, you should be able to enjoy many trouble- free years of performance. We conduct a thorough quality and performance test on each and every amplifier we build in our factory prior to shipment. In the rare case of a defect that may occur after shipment, we stand behind our amplifiers with a five-year parts and labor warranty. To register for this warranty, please complete and mail the enclosed warranty card back to ADCOM. Also, please keep a copy of your sales receipt with the owner-s manual so you may provide proof of eligibility for the warranty should the need arise. We know you will be very happy with the sound and performance of your new amplifier. We hope you will also consider other ADCOM products, such as our line of pre-amplifiers and DVD and CD players. In addition, we design and manufacture complementary products such as line conditioners/surge suppressors and speaker selectors. Please visit our web site,, to learn more about our complete line of stereo, home theater, and distributed audio/video products. On behalf of all of us at ADCOM, I want to thank you for selecting our product for your home or business entertainment system. Sincerely, Douglas Klein President ADCOM