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adcom gfa 7705 brochure

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GFA-7707 Channels: 7 Power Per Channel: 200 watts (8 -„¦); 300 watts ( 4-„¦) Power Bandwidth: 3 Hz- 130 kHz Chassis Dimensions : 8.5 x 17 x 17.5 (216 x 432 x 44 4.5mm) Overall Dimensions : 9.375 x 17 x 18.5 (238 x 432 x 4 70mm) Unit Weight: 78.25 lb (35.5 kg ) Packed Weight : 90.4 lb (41 kg) fa st analog transform ampli fiers The conventional A/V receiver or its modestly powered multi-channel ampliļ¬er counter - part may be ļ¬ne for dribbling some inoffensive background music around the home. But to accurately drive and control serious loudspeaker designs of realistic live-sound levels in large volume spaces... power and grunt of Big Rig proportion is in order! Introducing ADCOMs latest entries into the world of earthmoving equipment: the GFA-7705 and GFA-7707. The same Big Rig design available in either 5- or 7-channel versions. And should your system need future expansion the 5-channel 7705 can easily be upgraded to a 6- or 7-channel conļ¬guration by your ADCOM dealer. At a real 200 watts per channel (continuously into 8 ohms, [300 watts into 4 ohms] at rated bandwidth/distortion -not to be confused with typ ical receiver p ower rating schemes), the 7700s easily deliver all the current and vise-grip driver control that todays power-hungry, low-impedance loudspeakers demand. But not only do state of the art home theater ampliļ¬ers need to be this powerful-they also need to be fast . The new high-resolution multi-channel audio formats require greater speed and low-distor - tion precision across a wider frequency bandwidth than ever before . C onventional ampliļ¬er designs are simply incapable of reproducing such extremes, leaving behind that sonic information you have paid extra for. To design an ampliļ¬er this fast and accu - rate required a new design approach: F.A.T. Amps! The heart of ADCOMs F.A.T. (Fast Analog Transform) technology is our Power-Rig Ā® direct-coupled circuit topology which both elimi - nates (slower) capacitive coupling in the signal path and also prevents any possible speaker-damaging stray DC current from reaching the output. When combined with our monstrous power supply banks the result - ing extremely wide bandwidth (3 Hz- 130 kHz), high-current swing capability and wide dynamic range deliver the necessary rapid transient response to effectively track and amplify all subtleties and nuances without loss or strain. F. A . T. a m p s a r e n o t o n l y p o w e r f u l a n d q u i c k b u t a l s o S . A . F. E .Ā®: Self-Annealing Fuse-Equipped! In the event of a dead short to either a loudspeaker or speaker cable leads, the GFA-7705/07 enters into the self-protect S.A.F.E. mode. The S.A.F.E. circuit continues to pro - tect your Big Rig investment indeļ¬nitely until the short is corrected! Isnt it time to Get Some Grunt in your system? - POWER R IGS : High Current , High P ower Output for serious low- distortion audio applications - CONFIGURABL E: Upgradeabl e from 5 to 6 or 7 channels - FAST & F.A.T.: Wideband Frequency Response, q uick Transient Response, wide Dynamic Range - S.A.F.E.: Self-protected from external faults Channels: 5 Power Per Channel: 200 watts (8 -„¦); 300 watts ( 4-„¦) Power Bandwidth: 3 Hz- 130 kHz Chassis Dimensions: 8.5 x 17 x 17.5 (216 x 432 x 44 4.5mm) Overall Dimensions: 9.375 x 17 x 18.5 (238 x 432 x 4 70mm) Unit Weight: 69.5 lb (31.5 kg) Packed Weight : 81.5 lb (37 kg) GFA-7705 F. A .T . Amps ADCOM GFA-7700s: Speciļ¬cations 8541 East Anderson Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USAPH: 480.607.2277FAX: High Current, High Power Output Fast Analog Transform Technology The Really Big Rigs - ideal for powering your premium, high perfor - mance home t h e a t e r system with authority.