Adcom GFA 4702 Owners Manual

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Adcom GFA 4702 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Adcom GFA 4702 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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Be sure to connect the
correctly! Warranty will be
affected if the amplifier is
incorrectly connected!

of power or speaker wire could enter the
amplifier through the Free-Flow perforated
sleeve. Be sure to clip wires well away from
the amplifier to avoid this possibility

Features and specifications subject to change without notice. ADCOM Car Audio is a
registered trademark of ADCOM. All rights reserved. ©1994 ADCOM Inc.

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This manual is divided into three distinct sections:

Section 1: Common features, instructions and connections for all
ADCOM Car Audio amplifiers.

Section 2: Installation instructions for me GFA-4302 and GPA-4402
(These amplifiers use RCA type input connections)

Section 3: Installation instructions for the GPA-4304, GPA-4404 and
GPA-4102 (These amplifiers use s-pln XLFt type input

In Sections 2 and 3 there are diagrams to help install ADCOM Car
Audio amplifiers in the most popular configurations. If a more extensive
installation is required, it is recommended that your authorized ADCOM Car

Audio dealer perform the installation. Technical support is available in our
Customer Service department by calling (908) 390-1130 9am to 5pm EST.

SECTION 1: Common Features

Below is a list of what is included with each model amplifier:

GFA-4302 and GFA-4402 GPA-4304 and GPA-4404
1 Amplifier 1 Amplifier

1 Owners Manual 1 Owners Manual

1 Warranty Card 1 Warranty Card

1 In Line Fuse Holder 1 In Line Fuse Holder

2 RCA Shouting Plugs 2 GFY-4 XLR/RCA Adapters
GPA-4702 (Amp Section) GFA-4702 (Power Supply)
1 Amplifier Section 1 Power Supply Section

1 Owner's manual 1 Warranty Card

1 GFY~4 XLR/FICA Adapter 1 GFC-1 Power Cable

If anything is missing from your carton. please contact your dealer or
call us directly. Be sure to verify that the serial number printed on the bottom of
the amplifier is the same as the serial number on the carton. If either number is
missing or altered, you should contact ADCOM immediately at (908) 390-1130.
Before each ADCOM Car Amplifier leaves our facility in New Jersey. it is carefully
inspected for physical imperfections and electrical performance as a routine part
of ADCOM's Quality Assurance system. This is to ensure flawless performance
and appearance when you receive it.