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Adcom GFA 4404 Service Manual

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Welcome To ADCOM Car Audio

The ADCOM GPA-4000 series car ampliļ¬ers offer the consumer a new level of sound quality In
the mobile environment. Audiophile sound quality is now unleashed to the streets in what
ADCOM calls -œThe Ultimate Power Trip".

In servicing the GFA-4DOO series ampliļ¬ers you will see the straight fomard, bare bones, high
quality constnrction. and attention to detail that has been engineered Into this line of power
ampliļ¬ers. You will see that most repairs are very straight forward. and easily located.

Attention to the hook-up of these ampliļ¬ers is essential. as the ampliļ¬er will not perform
optimally it not conļ¬gured properly. The biggest difference you will ļ¬nd in hook-up of these
ampliļ¬ers is the input conļ¬guration. The GFA-4ooo series uses a Balanced Input conļ¬guration.
As you know this reduces noise coming into the ampliļ¬er on the input. For more information on
the hook-up, and on the theory behind the Balanced Input conļ¬guration, please refer to the
Technical Details Manual.

The GFA-MM is a 40 watt per channel RMS ampliļ¬er into a 4 .0 load. The ampliļ¬er can be
conļ¬gured to run in a bridged mode, and is stable into a 1 (2 load. The input to the ampliļ¬er
consists of two (2) XLR connectors. in a Balanced Conļ¬guration. There is one (1) XLR
connectors for channels A a B and one for channels C & D. The pin conļ¬guration for the XLR
connector is: m - Ground; Pi_nz . -˜+' Right Ch; Bin-3 - '--˜ Right Ch; Pin 4 - -˜+-˜ Left Ch; EM
Left on. The ampliļ¬ers with XLR cables are more effectively utilized when used with the GH-
4400/ 4600. they allow polarity inversion to be done with a pinjumper. and provide a'converslon
from unbalanced RCA's to balanced XLR connectors. The GFI is also useful for conļ¬guring in
Mono-Stereo set-up-˜s. The GFI-4400 provides balance line conversion and polarity selection.
The GFl-4600 provides all the features available in the CPI-4400. as well as the addition of a two
way crossover. in lieu of a GFI unit. the GFYJ and GFY-4 cables may be used to conļ¬gure the
unit as desired. The GFY-3 is used for Mono bridging, while the GFY-4 is used for stereo
operation. Refer to the Technical Details Manual for further information.

The GPA-4404 provides level controls for the positive input. these should be set at full during

testing, When bridging the ampliļ¬er. the input is applied to the negative input of one channel (Le.

. on A). and the positive channel of the other channel (Le. - on B). The Speaker (or load) is then

put across the positive speaker ten-ninais of channels A d B (Le. - from Ch A's '+' to on as -˜+').

Service Notes:

0 The enclosed schematics are version 1.4. and include all current updates to the original
design. If you encounter changes in the circuit on a unit you are servicing. please call
ADCOM Service. at (908)390-1130. to ļ¬nd out if the changes are factory authorized. if the
unit was modiļ¬ed by a third party. or if the unit is from a production run prior to the
implementation of the printed updates.

0 When replacing parts in the GPA-4000 series ampliļ¬ers. always use the same type. and

0 When replacing the MOSFET devices. use only the same type or devices removed. The
MOSFET devices also MUST be matched in the output stages, and front end circuits. Use
care as these are static sensitive devices. and require all special handling precautions
associated with static sensitive devices.

Remember that ADCOM Service is available from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for inquires. or you can

fax us at (908)390-9152.


K. Katagan 2/25/94