Adcom GFA 1 Owners Manual

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Adcom GFA 1 Owners Manual

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Your Adcom GPA-l power amp represents a revolutionary
concept in high performance power amp design. Thorough
rethinking of the basic power amp concept has resulted

in a design with superior performance, yet available at
a reasonable price. Such a product from Adcom is only
natural. Throughout its many years in audio, Adcom has
always been associated with state- of- the- art components
utilizing advanced technology and realistic cost designs.
Its innovation and technology have expanded into such
varied areas as record care products, speaker systems,
and phone cartridges (most recent of which is the new
high output (CrosscoilTM) moving coil cartridge).

This manual represents the same kind of innovative
thinking reflected in other Adcom products. We have
written it to reflect the kinds of questions and problems
you might encounter in enjoying the full benefits of
your Adcom GFA-l power amp. We ask that to enjoy the
maximum from this truly unique product, you thoroughly
read this owners manual before turning it on. (For those
in a hurry, please read Sections 1 through 4).

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Before each GFA-l left the factory, it was carefully
inspected for physical imperfections as a routine part
of Adcom' s systematic quality control. This, along with
full electrical testing, should ensure a product flawless
in both appearance and performance.

After you-have unpacked the amplifier, inspect it
for any physical damage.

Save the shipping carton and all packing materials
as they are designed to reduce to a minimum the possibility
of transportation damage.

In the unlikely event that damage has occurred,

mmediately notify your dealer and request the name of
the carrier so that a written claim to cover the damages
can be initiated.