Adcom GCD 700 Owners Manual

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Adcom GCD 700 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Adcom GCD 700 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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Do not move or tilt the player when discs are loaded in the drawer as damage to the player and/or discs may result.

Make sure the player is turned off, and remove the power cord from its AC power source if you plan to leave the system
unattended for long periods of time.

Do not use or store the GOD-700 on or near vibrating surfaces, sources of heat, in extremely cold areas, in areas of high
humidity in dusty or smoky environments, or in poorly ventilated areas as the proper operation of the player may be adversely

Try to avoid conditions which will cause condensation to form on the optical system of the player which will impair or prevent
proper playback. This includes bringing the player into a warm house when it is cold outside or storage in areas where the
temperature will cycle between the extremes. In the event condensation occurs, wait at least thirty minutes before use,

if the GOD-700 is operated while listening to an AM or FM broadcast, there may be the unlikely possibility of noise or
interference being radiated into the tuner degrading its reception. If this occurs, please turn off the CD player.

if the CD player or its interconnecting cables are placed near a television or other component, a humming sound may develop.
in the unlikely event this happens, please relocate the player or reroute its cables.


Player fails to play a loaded dlsc:

0 Check that the disc is loaded properly, label side up.

0 Make sure the disc surface is clean.

. Check the disc for stretches or other damage. Try another disc.

. Be certain that there is no condensation on the optical elements of the player as would be the case if brought into a warm
house from a cold environment. In the event condensation has occurred. wait at least thirty minutes before use.

. if playing a three inch disc. make sure it is seated properly in its depressed, center tray position.
Programming cannot be initiated:

. Be certainlhat a disc is loaded in the drawer.

. Check that the disc is loaded label side up.

. Make sure that the disc surface is clean and not so’atd'ied or damaged in any way.

. If using the remote control, make sure the transmitter’s signal is not blocked and that it can reach the sensor.
- Chad: that the remote control batteries are not weak.

. Make sure the RANDOM function is not in the on position.

Sound level drops suddenly or a clicking noise is heard:

. Make sure the disc surface is clean and not scratched or warped. Try another disc.

0 Double check the surface the player is seated on to ensure vibrations are not reaching the unit and that it sits firmly on the
surface. Try placing the player on a different surface if problems persist.

c When making track selections, searching, or if the player is subjected to a strong impact, the disc’s rotational speed

changes greatly and may cause a small noise to be emitted from the player. This is not a malfunction and doe not indicate
a problem.