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Adcom GCD 200 Owners Manual

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11 Elklna Road
Eu! Brunawlck. NJ.
00816 U.S.A.

Tobx M4480


The following feature has been added to the ADCOM GCD 200/300 compact
disc player subsequent to the printing of the owner's manual.

ADCOH'S Sound Window Frequency Contour Selector

Our research indicated that the sound quality of many vocal and instrumental
One could be greatly improved by introducing corrective frequency contouring
to compensate for the unnatural sonic energy balance in many CDs.

A three-position switch provides a choice of playback response curves which
can be used to improve the spectral balance of those CDs that need it.

As a result, such CDs can emulate the musicality of the finest analog
recordings while maintaining the low noise and dynamic range advantages

of digital technology.

The three-position selector is located on the rear panel of your compact 1
disc player. .

Mid Position
In the mid position the Sound Window Frequency Contour Selector is
not in the audio circuit.

Upper Position
In the up position. the Sound Window Frequency Contour selector }

attenuates the frequencies immediately above the range of the human
voice. This position can be used with any recordings that, due to close
microphone techniques, have a hardness or edge.

Lower Position

In the lower position. the Sound Window Frequency Contour selector
attenuates the frequencies just above the upper end of most musical
instruments. This position will help to relieve the harshness and glare
found in many instrumental recordings.

. "ex-

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pressed but Drawer does not open.

programs is not displayed. 2. Disc Is dirty

Trouble Cause Remedy
Power vs turned on, but indicators do 1. Power plug is not connected securely. 1. Insert the power plug into the power outlet
. not light .. securely. .
DraWer Open/Close button' Is 1. Open s-ignal Is not received correctly 1. Press the Drawer Open/Close button again

Disc is loaded, but total number 01 1. Disc '5 loaded upside down.

3. Disc used is nonstandard.

and confirm the Open] Close indicator is
flashing. V

1. Load the disc correctly.

2. Clean the surlace ol the disc.

3. R_eplace the disc

Play/ Pause buttonl I) Is 1. Disc is dirty.
. clay doeinot begin.

2. Disc has scratches or is warped.

1. Clean surface of disc.
2. Replace disc.

Is produced.

_.. 99in? Clyde"

not play tnHPtlly (sound ruts out. or 2 Disc is dirty,
same spot is repeated).

l. Connector pin-cords are not connected. 1. Connect the connector pin-cord to the output

Sound Is dislorred I. Connections to amplifier are wrong. 1. Connect player to amplifier correctly.
2. Amplifier output is set too high and sound is 2 Turn down the ampliller output volume.

V A. tIcular spoi on the dIsc does 1. Disc has scratch or other damage.

terminals ol the player and the input
terminals of the amplifier.

1. Use the Fast forward/Index button to pass
over the part scratched
2. Clean the surface ol the disc.

Discs which can be played on this

player have the following mark on 6:ng
them DlGllAL Auoio

- During playback, if the player is subjected to a sud-
den shock or jolt, some noise may be produced.
This is not a malfunction.

0 If the player is operated while you are receiving an
FM/AM radio broadcast, you may hear noise on the
radio broadcast. in this case, turn the CD player's
power switch oft.

0 if other audio components or their connecting cords
are installed near this player, you may hear a hum
ming sound. In this event, try changing the location
of the other components or their wiring.

- Whenever moving the player, be sure to first remove
the disc from it. if the player is moved with a disc
loaded, the disc may be damaged.

0 The gcd-200/gcd-300 has a wide dynamic range. As
a result, if you turn your amplifiers volume up too
high during soft (low volume) parts of a program,
your speakers may be damaged when the dynamic
range of a sudden loud passage is produced.

Do not move the player suddenly from a very cold
room into a warm room. When a chilled player is
moved suddenly to a warm location, moisture conr
densation may form on the pickup lens, preventing
proper operation. In this case, wait 30 minutes
before resuming play.

Do not place foreign objects in the disc drawer and
attempt to operate the drawer control (Open/ Close)
function. It may cause damage to the mechanism.

Do not store discs in high-temperature, high-
humidity locations. The discs may develop warps
and become unplayable. Also, discs with moisture
on them may be unplayable. Wipe any moisture off
with a soft, dry cloth, and be sure discs are fully dry
before using.

If the unit is installed in a confined location, heat
dissipation will be poor and malfunctions may
occur. Also, do not install the unit on too of
amplifiers or other components liable to become hot.