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adcom ac 615 owners manual

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The ACE-615 is a very carefully engineered product designed to protect
your audio, video, and computer systems while providing them with clean
AC power. The surge protection is a nonsacrificial patented technology
(US. patents 4,870,534 and 4,870,528) that conforms to the strictest
Federal Guidelines for surge protection.

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Safety Instructions

. Read all instructions and store them for future reference.

- Plug unit into polarized AC outlets only. Contact an
electrician if there is any doubt that the outlet is
properly polarized.

- Install in a properly ventilated location, away from
heaters, heat ducts and other heat producing devices.

. Do not use with high-current devices such as hobby arc
welders, hair dryers, and space heaters. Total power
consumption of connected equipment must not exceed
1800 watts.

- Do not use a unit if there are any signs of damage.

- No user serviceable parts inside. Do not attempt
servicing of this unit yourself. Refer servicing to
qualified service personnel.

. All Satellite/DSS, Cable, and Antenna cables must be
grounded in accordance with Section 810 of the
National Electrical Code and ANSI/NFPA No. 70-1984.
Failure to comply with these codes will void all
warranties regarding the ACE-615.

Symbol explanations




This lightning flash with arrowhead symbol is
intended to alert the user of the presence of
uninsulated dangerous voltage" within the products
enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to
constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.


This exclamation point symbol is intended to alert the
user to the presence of important operating and
maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature
accompanying the appliance.


Before each ACE-615 left the factory, it was carefully
inspected for physical imperfections as a routine part of
ADCOMs systematic quality control. This, along with full
operational and mechanical testing, should insure a
product flawless in both appearance and performance.
After you have unpacked the ACE-615, inspect it for
physical damage. Save the shipping carton and all
packing materials, as they are intended to minimize the
possibility of transportation damage, should the product
ever need to be shipped again. In the unlikely event
damage has occurred, notify your dealer immediately and
request the name of the carrier so that a written claim to
cover the damage can be initiated.

The right to any claim against a public carrier can be
forfeited if the carrier is not notified promptly in writing and
if the shipping carton and packing materials are not
available for inspection. Save all packing materials until
the claim has been settled.


For maximum performance and extended product life,
install the ACE-615 in a well ventilated area away from
external heat sources like radiators and heat vents.
For professional installations, the ACE-615 may be
mounted in a standard 19-inch rack using the optional
FtM-3 rack-mount adapters available through ADCOM


Optional: Attach the supplied color-coded AC cord
labels to each AC cord to be installed. Place a label at
each end of the AC cord to easily identify which cord is
connected to each product.

System AC Connections

Begin by connecting products which require full-time
AC power to the rear panel jacks labeled unswitched D.
Connect the amplifiers' power cord to the rear AC jacks
labeled amplifiers 1'. Connect the AC power cords of all
other products to the switched jacks on the rear panel
labeled accessories"j .

Grounding Screw

The grounding screw 1#provides a convenient system
grounding point where one or more of the components is
not equipped with a three prong AC cord. The entire

system can be grounded by simply connecting a wire
between the chassis of any system component and the
ACE-615 grounding screw 1# (The remaining compo-
nents will be grounded to the ACE-615 through the
various audio and video coax connections.)

Remote Triggering

The ACE-615 may be remotely activated and deacti-
vated using a low voltage trigger signal available from
most contemporary preamps and receivers. Connect the
trigger out jack of the preamp with the ACE-615's 12v
trigger in jack 1@

Sat/DSS and Cable Connection

Connect the incoming coax cable to the coax 1 input
jackf a. Connect the corresponding coax 1 outputjack
f b to the appropriate input jack of a cable box, SAT/DSS
receiver, or TV/Monitor. For a second device follow the
same procedure using the coax 2 input 9 a and the coax
2 output 9 b.
NOTE: All outdoor cables must be properly grounded
prior to entering a building. See the Safety
Instructions section for further details.

Phone Line

Connect the phone line from the wall outlet to the
phone 1 input jack ha. Connect the corresponding phone
1 output jack h b to the line input of a modem, DVD/TiVo,
DSS receiver, or pay-per-view cable box. For a second
device follow the same procedure using the phone 2
input i a and phone 2 output i b.

AC Power Connection

Once the installation and all necessary connections are
made, insure all connected equipment is off, and that the
ACE-615 power button b is in the Off (out) position. Now
plug the AC power cord 1$into a grounded AC wall outlet.
The unit is ready for operation.