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adc soundshaper sa1 owners manual

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Audio Dynamic Corporation (ADC) is proud to provide the ultimate value in design
and development of a Real Time Frequency Spectrum Analyzer, the SA»1, for
your superior sound analysis.

The "SA-l" has 120 separate LEDs plus 12 LED Average Response indicators
for analysis of sound source frequencies and room acoustics.

Audio fans and music enthusiasts like yourself look forward to be able to enjoy
the highest possible degree of sound quality when listening to their favorite music.
Simply using high-cost, high-quality components, however, does not in itself
guarantee that the listener will be able to obtain this sound quality. A wide variety
of factors, including the nature of the listening environment as well as the place»
ment of the speakers, play a major role in the acoustic quality of any music system.
in order to provide for compensation of these factors, ADC has previously made a
series of superior Sound Shaper graphic equalizers, which allows the tonal quality
of the sound to be adjusted to the conditions of the listening room.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the audio equalizer, ADC has developed
the ultimate component in audio measuring equipment: the new SA-l Real Time
Frequency Spectrum Analyzer.

The SA-l offers the listener positive visual confirmation of all sound compen-
sations made, whereas with just a graphic equalizer, the user is forced to rely solely
on his sense of hearing when making these adjustments. The SA-1 gives you a
wide range of use potentials, including division of program source frequency bands,
as well as compensation of room acoustics. in addition, the illuminated LED dis-
play, which allows visual monitoring of all frequencies, plus average response, adds
a further dimension of pleasure to the use of this superior component. A high
quality electret condenser microphone has been developed exclusively for pink
noise measurement, and is included with your SA-1.

ln addition to the excellent styling, your SPECTRUM ANALYZER has been care-
fully engineered to give you trouble-free performance and many years of listening