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adc slm 100 owners manual

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ADC Professional Products Group
A C a division of BSR (USA) Ltd., Route 303

Blauvelt, New York 10913



The SLM-lOO sound level meter used with your frequency equalizer permits you to adjust
the frequency responses of your hi-fidelity system including the speakers and the room
which up until recently have not been considered part of the system. To appreciate the
importance of the room consider that Lincoln Center spent millions of dollars in recon-
structing the hall acoustics because the first design did not achieve the desired effects. The
concert hall had to be matched or coupled to the stage in the same way that your speakers
and hi-fidelity system must be matched to your room. The equalizer will allow you to
compensate for deficiencies in the speakers, as well as, allow for the furniture, i.e., chairs,
drapes, etc., in your room.

Your equalizer can be used simply to adjust the sound the way you like to hear it best or
with the use of the SLM-lOO, to adjust it for flat response. Following the procedures given
below should result in a new understanding of your room, speakers, and hi-fidelity equip-
ment, as well as, allow you the freedom of being your own sound engineer.

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Meter Ballistic





60 to llSdB in 5 ranges:

Switch setting: 70dB 60 to 76dB
80dB 70 to 86dB
90dB 80 to 96dB

100dB 90 to 106dB

110dB 10010116dB
i 3.5dB 30-16Khz (with corrections included)
OdB = .0002 dynes-per-square-cm.

Fast to ASA standards (switch selected)
Slow for average levels.

1V min @ l Khz
Response: 30 to 16000hz
Impedance: 10K 9 min. load
Distortion: le§ than 2% at 1 Khz, .5V output

9 Volt Eveready No. 216 or equivalent
(Battery will test good from 7.5 to 9.5 V DC)

Dynamic, Omnidirectional, Becoming slightly
directional with increase in frequency.

Similar to Western Electric 640AA type, making
calibration possible with commercially available