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adc adc 85 owners manual

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Pritchard Pickup System
models ADC-85 a. 4.

9' '1?

for use


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General Description

The Pritchard Pickup System consists of the superb ADC-l
cartridge combined with an entirely new tone arm especially
designed to provide the finest possible pickup performance.

The arm has a very low moment of inertia necessary tor
stable tracking at 1% gram. To stabilize the centripetal force
created by friction between the stylus and the record. a side
thrust compensator is provided. This results in an even
pressure on both groove walls-essential tor distortion-tree
stereo reproduction. Precision. single ball bearings in gimbals
reduce vertical and lateral friction to a negligible quantity.
Drag is further reduced by a unique wire guide so arranged
that the ultra-tine lead wires twist along their own axis.

The body of the arm is accurately machined lrom specially
treated walnut which suppresses extraneous resonances and
insures that the arm adds no "color" to the reproduction.

A plug-in shell is provided tor convenient removal of the
cartridge and additional shells may be used to accommodate
other high compliance cartridges.

The arm-cartridge combination is balanced in all planes
making it very insensitive to external shock. No leveling of the
turntable is required; in tact perfect tracking may be obtained
with the turntable tilted as much as 30' to the horizontal.

The geometry of the arm is arranged to give minimum trac-
ing distortion and not minimum tracking error. (The reasoning
behind this is based on the fact that a given tracking error in
the inner record grooves produces more distortion than the
same degree of tracking error in the outer grooves.)

A unique integrated arm rest is incorporated in the tone
arm. eliminating the need tor separate mounting of an arm


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Mel romance 6 cycles/sec. (with ADC-l cartridge)

System tracks 1 ti gran.
'leee er- ase-Ms other mines.

the system com completely assembled and wired. and It
provided with a cable assembly ready to plug into notifier.