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adc adc 26 owners manual

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. . ' W. - in!»
. ';-:"' .g g. -. 6310? ()1: '1;.;. I I 1.1:

Frequency response: '

Channel separation 30 eh? m 50 'Hz {6 15 kHz?
Compliance 50 x\ i. \lfj s/dyne
Elliptical stylus tip Cont; .0003; lateral radius: .0007"

IM distortion Less

"1» ~1/g%-400 Hz & 4 kHz
at 1112s], c recorded velocity

Vertical tracking angle
Recommended load impedance

ADC also» manufactures other high Components including

". speaker Systems Solid ~ -1- iv . ,ga Amplifiers.
-.m 1 .. . mum. . r.
. QM! , ' s, 1, ol "'0. lollowlnl Patents -- Umleo 5mm, m} Joni 1092734. Australia 2789263
.-:2. V 1' 19: .1 . 1 ="- -

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The ADC 26 is one of the finest in , renoumed line of cartridges, designed and
built by the world' s foremost quality pickup manufacturer. Using the unique induced
magne " principle it combines minute stylus tip mass and high compliance
resulting in unparalleled performance.

There are three major reasons why tpi

. .11.] With the induced magnet" ar : ,_"
vbersome permanent magnet; instead If ~

" is induwd into a tiny soft iron utiar, weighing far less than the conveno

'iln moveéveMeen the pole pieces. By

rlncsple, it is possible to red Ce the" mass of the moving system to a

aiid significantly increase he stylus complIance, thus allowing the

'odulation of thekrecord groove. This is

the greatest contributioh to low disto '. -. , d.msmmum record wear . ,w

7 2. Since modern records are cut 15° vertical angle of the cutting f
fistylus, the ADC 26 cartridge stylus ass: . - has been designed to comply With
this modern recording technique, and pl icck with the same 15° vertical tracking

3. The stylus itself is a tiny elli which has been ground
and polished to a lateral radius of .7 m H1Inches) and a contact radius of
.3'_I'1'1i_l, (.0003_ inches). These tightly. hel : contribute to the superior

Jhere Is no doubt that this design rep 3?: of the art in high fidelity
art" ,and its genuine, effortless re 7:; a new experience in sound