Acoustic research XMC 90 Owners Manual

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acoustic research XMC 90 Owners Manual

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MODEL XMC90 OWNERS MANUAL VERSION V 0.0 Page 2 of 20 1 . 0 Function of Controls and Indicators 1. Power On/Off Button (Standby) 11. Integr al Scroll Wheel/Volume Control/Select Button 2. DISP Button (Preset) 12. MODE Button 3. DIRECT Button (Direct/Preset A,B,C) 13. Infrared (IR) Receiver Window 4. MENU Button 14. LCD Display 5. XM: Category, AM/FM: Search, CD: Stop ( -– ) 15. ALARM 2 Button 6. XM: Ch Down, AM/FM: Ch Down, 16. SLEEP Button CD: Previous Track 17 ALARM 1 Button 7. CD Play/Pause ( ) Button 18. Speaker, 4 Subwoofer 8. XM: Ch Up, AM/FM: Ch Up, CD: Next Track 19. SNOOZE/Mute Button 9. XM: Category, AM/FM: Search, CD: Eject ( ) 20. Number Buttons (1-10) 10. CD Player Slot (Label Up)

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MODEL XMC90 OWNERS MANUAL VERSION V 0.0 Page 3 of 20 2.0 Unit Description 2.1 Power On/Off Button ( ) When this button is pressed, power is applied to the radio circuits from the standby mode, and the unit enters into the play mode (XM/FM/AM/AUX/iPod). When pres sed again during any play mode, power is removed from the radio circuits and the unit reverts to the standby mode. The default play mode is XM. (Standby Mode) (Play Mode) 2.2 SNOOZE/Mute Button When pressed during normal play mode (XM/FM/AM/AUX/iPod) , the audio output is muted or disabled as indicated by the speaker icon in the upper right corner of the display screen. When pressed again, the mute function is canceled and audio is restored. While the alarm is active, pr ess this button to enter the snooze mode. 2.3 DIRECT Button (Preset) During normal operation, direct selection of the radio frequency in the XM, FM or AM radio modes is possible. To change FM or AM frequency, use the CH Up/Down buttons or directly enter desired frequency using the number (1-10) buttons. To search radio frequencies in FM/AM modes, press the CAT Up/Down buttons. In XM mode, the CAT Up/Down buttons provide a jump to the various broadcast categories or genres. When the DIRECT button is pressed, Direct (DIR) disappears on the display, and is replaced with preset bank A, B or C. Each bank is capable of storing up to 10 radio frequencies in memory. The frequency is sto red by pressing the corresponding number buttons (1-10) for 3 seconds, thus permitting memory storage of 30 frequencies. When this button is pressed and held, the list of stored frequencies in the current band can be viewed. Press the CH Up or Down buttons t o scroll through the preset channel list. Press this button to enter into play mode from standby mode Press this button to return to standby mode from any play mode Press this button to mute play mode audio Press this button again to cancel the mute function