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acoustic research xb 1 owners manual

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Installation and Operating Instructions
for the AR Turntable Model XBI

To protect it from damage in shipment the turntable la packed with certain

parts separated from each other Setting up the tumteble requires that

these parts be mounted in their regular operating ositions, and that the

turntable adjustments be set correctly tor the cartr dge you will be using

Most of the steps in the set-up procedure are brlel; all are easily done in

a few minutes the instructions are lollowed methodically. To assemble
simply follow the steps below in sequence.

All the tools and parts needed for these steps are packed with the turntable,
except the cartridge. Some models may be pre»titted with a cartrldge.

A number In brackets refers to the photograph to be consulted at that point
In the set-up procedure.

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Size: 12% in x 16% in x 5V2 In

Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz (6.32 kg)

'Speed 33% a 45 rpm 1 0.3%

'Rumbie: Greater than -40 dB

'Wow and flutter: 0.03%

Motor type: Permanent-magnet. synchronous
Platter diameter: 11% in; Platter weight: 4 lbs
Drive: Ground neoprene belt

Cartridge mounting: V: In EIA standard mounting centers
Cable capacitance: tOOpF

The AR turntable is guaranteed. as a condition of sale, to
meet NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) specifi-
cations tcr broadcast equipment on wow. flutter. rumble, and
speed accuracy.

Disc Recording and Reproducing Standard (National Association of
Broadcasters. 1771 N Street, N.W.. Washington. 0.0.). March 1964.


The workmanship and perlormance in normal use of this turn-
table are guaranteed for five years Irom the date of purchase.
The guarantee covers parts, repair labor, and freight costs to
and from our factory or nearest authorized service station.
New packaging, it needed. is also free.


1. Remove the contents of the shippin carton in the follow-
Ing order: the guarantee card and pereting instructions
manual. the foam rubber record pad. the transparent dust
cover (In its protective plastic bag). and the upper foam
packing piece. being caretul not to lose the parts packed
In the top accessory tray.

2. Lift the turntable up and out of the bottom foam packing
piece and place it In a convenient location to perform the
following procedures.

3. Remove the outer platter from its tray in the bottom foam
packing piece and place it next to the turntable.

4. Carefully lift the Inner platter straight up being careful
not to displace the belt Irorn the Flatter or motor pulley
and remove the three foam shlpp ng ahlme beneath the
inner platter.

5. Carefully lower the Inner platter to Its normal operating

6. Untwlst the yellow pipe cleaner which fastens the front
and ot the tonearm t its rest. DO NOT AT THIS TIME

7. Unscrew completei and remove the wing-nut transit bolt.
with the red CAUT 0N tag attached, that holds the turn-
table and tonearm suspension to the top plate and pre-
vents suspension damage In transit. Store the bolt in the
accessory tray of the upper loam packing piece for use in
tuture shipping or transportation of the turntable. Please

-_.,._ x