Acoustic research turntable owners manual

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acoustic research turntable owners manual

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1. Place the needle force gauge on the record mat, and place the
needle in the dimple of the raised section. The gauge should be per-
pendicular to the cartridge shell, as shown in the photograph.

2. Place weights on the opposite pan until the arm balances. Weights
of 1A, 1/2, 1 and 2. grams are provided; if stylus force greater than
3% grams is being measured a U.S. penny will serve as an accurate
3 - gram weight:

3. After balance has been achieved, gently move the arm down again
to make sure that it is free. In the case of the AR arm it is especially
important to make sure that the pivot is in its released position while
the stylus force is being measured. Damping release is accomplished
simply by moving the arm as far down as it will gouwhileoon the
gauge. If the gauge sticks in both extreme positions, a tight tone arm
pivot is indicated.

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