Acoustic research sa 16 ar service manual

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acoustic research sa 16 ar service manual

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JVB ELECTRONICS SA-16-AR ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION GUIDE 2 Wire Strippers Small screw driver (for knobs) Pliers (or suitable socket driver, 9/16 for pot, w ill also fit 14mm for new nut) Dust mask (for protection against the fiberglass st uffing used in the speakers) Disposable gloves (for handling fiberglass) Parts Included (per kit): 1 ea. SA-16-AR Printed Circuit Board 1 ea. Switch (Lorlin CK1054) Nylon Rotary Switch M ouser P/N 10WA344 (Stock Switch Shaft is cut to size and index pin is filed, includes mounting hardware) Following are 2W resistors: 2 ea. 0.5 Ohm R14 R15; Mouser P/N 262-0.5-R C 4 ea. 1.0 Ohm R4 R5 R16 R17; Mouser P/N 262-1. 0-RC 11 ea. 1.5 Ohm R1, R2, R3, R6 thru R13; Mouser P /N 262-1.5-RC 1 ea. 2.4 Ohm R18; Mouser P/N 283-2.4-RC 1 ea. 3.0 Ohm R19; Mouser P/N 262-3.0-RC 1 ea. 3.6 Ohm R20; Mouser P/N 262-3.6-RC Getting Started: Note: We recommend you build and test one attenuato r at a time. Step 1 . Open the resistor packages and verify each resis tor by the color code. Tape or glue the template below to a piece of styrofoam or cardboard and punch a small hole in the middle of each circle. The resistors may then be separated by value by sticking one lead in the hole. The count of resistors per value per attenuator is below the values. The colors of the 3 color code bands is below the count . For reference: The color code for the value of thes e resistors is contained in the 3 colored bands near one end. The gold band on the other end indicates the resistor tolerance of 5%. The first 2 bands are coded as: 0=Black, 1=Brown, 2=Red, 3=Orange, 4=Yellow, 5=Green, 6=Blue, 7=Violet, 8=Gray, 9=White. The third band is the multiplier and, for resistors less than 10 Ohms, is either Silver (multiply by 0.01) or Gol d (multiply by 0.1). An example: The three bands are Red-Yellow-Gold which would be 2(Red) 4(Y ellow) multiplied by 0.1(Gold) , 24 times 0.1 = 2.4 Ohms. 0.5 Ohms 1.0 Ohms 1.5 Ohms 2.4 Ohms 3.0 Ohms 3.6 Ohms 2 4 11 1 1 1 Green Brown Brown Red Orange Orange Black Black Green Yellow Black Blue Gold Silver Sil ver Silver Silver Silver Resistor Separator Template (Use to Group Resistors by Values)

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JVB ELECTRONICS SA-16-AR ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION GUIDE 3 Notes on Installing Resistors. Each resistor will be installed standing up (See Figure 1.) Prepare the resistor for installation by gently bending one lead 180 degrees so that both leads are parallel and close together Figure 1. Completed SA-16-AR . Resistors will be installed on the silkscreened sid e of the printed circuit (the side with white printing on it). The circle printed on the b oard surrounds the hole in the board that the body side of the resistor will be mounted in. The short white line from the circle to another hole indicates where the other lead (the be nt-over) lead will mount. The identifier (R1, R2, etc.) is printed near the circl e in each case. When mounting the resistor, allow about 1/8 inch of clearance between the body and the board. This makes inspecting the solder joint easi er and looks neat.