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acoustic research eb 101 service manual

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E8101 turntable
Fitting alternative tone arms

It you rchased your E3101 turntable without an AR tone arm.
you w Ii need the correct mounting collar. Not all arms are
suitable. so consult your dealer on appropriate arms. He can
also supply the corresponding amounting collar.

It you are in any doubt about the procedures. or find that the pans
you have do not fit. contact your dealer immediate , as his
experience in handling AR products will be inval ie in solving
any problem.

He will have. or be able to get. anmart you may require tor your
£3101 tumtabie and can mount t arm. adjust it and the
tumtables suspension for you.

Arm Fitting

1) Arm lining should commence without the outer or inner platters
in place, so remove these. taking great care not to touch the main
bearing spindle. Do not let dust or dirt come in contact with the
s is shaft or get into the main bearing hole.

nscrew and remove the shi ping bolt bested on the top at the
plinth (see main manual fig 1 . Save the shipping bolt for
transporting the turntable in the tutors.
2) Malta sure that the mains lead/line cord is NOT CONNECTED
to the main wall socket and then remove the bottom cover to the
base. This is held on by the tour rubber feet and can be removed
by undoing the tour Phillips-head screws in the feet while holding
the tumtabie vertically on one and.
Do not operate the turntable without the base titted. even for a
short time tor safety reasons. There are Iive' parts inside which
are n'ceranally covered but could deliver a latal electric shock it
touc .
3) The arm-mounting collar is made to be held in place b three
Allen screws as shown in fig 1. insert the collar through a hole in
the plinth's top surface. then turn the plinth upside down on to
some newspaper (in case oil runs out of the bearing). Line up the
threaded holes in the arm collar with the holes in the floating
T-bar' sub chassis.
Use only the wrrect bolts and washers provided by AR with the
collar. lace a spring washer on each bolt. insert one bolt into

each hole in the sub chassis and screw iirrniy home in to the collar
with the Allen-wrench provided.

4) Turn the plinth right-side-up. Loosen the Allen screw in the side
oi the arm-mounting collar. then. tor arms with fixed leads. pass
the 'phono cable down through the hole in the collar. For arms
with plug-in leads, the pi and cable should be disconnected until
alter the arm's support pii ar has been located in the collar as
described below.

insert the arm's support pillar into the collar and lightly tighten the
Allen screws in the side 01 the collar as shown in fig 1. with the
Allen wrench rovided. to gri the pillar and locate the arm for
adjustment. hese screws 8 ould be tightened more fully when
the armohas been correctly set up as explained in the main

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