Acoustic research AW 553 Owners Manual

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acoustic research AW 553 Owners Manual

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Tour of the Speaker System 3.5mm audio in c able Included Accessories Note: These power units should be plugged in so that they stay vertical eh b_[

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About Variable-Level Audio Outputs: A variable-level output, such as a headphone jack or certain RCA-type outputs, provides an audio signal that changes with the volume level set on the audio source. As the volume of the audio source is adjusted up and down, so is the audio signal strength sent to the transmitter. This can affect the qua ity of sound generated by the speaker, and may require an adjustment of the volume level of the audio source to produce a signal strong enough for the transmitter. Hint: On most bookshelf-type or compact stereo systems, inserting a headphone plug into the headphone jack results in automatic cutoff of the regular, or hard-wired speakers. Hint: Most TVs, regardless of age or price, have variable outputs. If you are unsure which ^U h^da CE PdSX^ ^dc_dcb Xb gTS aTUTa c^ cWT CE X]bcadRcX^] \P]dP[ B^\T CEb WPeT ^dc_dcb cWPc RP] bfXcRW QTcfTT] ePaXPQ[T P]S gTS FWT] VXeT] P RW^XRT gTS Xb P[fPhb recommended. Troubleshooting The following troubleshooting guide takes you through some of the more common problems associated with the installation and/or operation of a wireless system. If the problem persists, please call toll-free at 1-800-732-6866 or visit Issue: Cause and solution: No sound