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acoustic research ar 6 bx brochure

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Music is a medium which transcends
language barriers and communicates its
message regardless

Reproduced music can also transcend
those same barriers. but inadequate
equipment will, quite simply. not get the
message across, For instance, the
saxophone, surely one of the most
sensuous instruments. will simply sound
flat. dull and inarticulate through a poor
hi-fi system.

At AR weve been studying the complex
subject of ps rho-acoustics. analysing the
way we perceive sound, particularly from

loudspeakers, lo push forward the
frontiers of acoustic engineering and help

create more realistic sounds in real
listening environmen .

We've used intellect, powerful computers.
and the latest technology to bring, [\R's
legendary quality and consistent
performance to a wide audience.

Thats why AR is the logical choice for
music lovers the world over.