Acoustat Trans Nova Twin 200 Owners Manual

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Acoustat Trans Nova Twin 200 Owners Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Acoustat Trans-Nova Twin-200 power amplifier. the most
innovative NEW technology In audio amplification devices. With proper installation and use, this
amplifier should provide many years oftroubie free music enjoyment. Please be certain to read this
manual over completely to familiarize yourself with your new amplifier before placing it In service.


A limited 5 yearwarra nty from date of purchase is provided by Acoustat on the TNT-200 power amplifier.
This applies to the original purchaser only. However, because Acoustat feels that a fine audio product
should be warranted regardless of owner. the we rra nly is transferable to all subsequent owners, based
not upon date of original purchase. but upon original date of manufacture. This warranty is subject to
the conditions and limitations stated within the documents on page 9 of this manual.

it is your responsibility to complete and return the warranty registration card. While this card does not
determine youreilgibiiiiyforwarranty, it will allow Acoustat to inform you of any possible updates to the
amplifier. as well as any new product news that may be of interest to you. This warranty card also aids
Acoustat in its efiorls to bring me audio components to music lovers everywhere. by using the
additional information that you provide. 50 PLEASE fill it out completely and return within 20 days of


The Acoustat TNT-200 power amplifier is unique in its ability to maintain an exceptionally wide
bandwidth at high power levels (1 00 watts at 400K Hz). For this reason. the TNT-200 could amplify RF at
its input, and if present at abnonnaliy high levels, the amplifier can blow its intemal fuses. Large
amounts of DC at the input will have a similar effect. While a Mfuncfioning preamplification

system will not cause any problems, 53m systems have been shown to exhibit one or both oi the
above malfunctions.

Whereas DC at the amplifiers input at high enough levels to cause troubles must certainly be
considered caused by a defective component. RF interference may be the result of close proximity to
a transmitter. ltthis is the case in your particular application, Acoustat has provided a location on the
main printed circuit boards for an additional RF filter capacitorto be installed. While the addition ofthis
RF filter may cause some minorsonic degradation in the best audio systems. itwiii, however, solve any
problems associated with severe RF interference. if your application suggests use of this filter. please

call the factory service department at 305/462-6700 for instructions on how to accomplish this