Acoustat Spectra 22 Owners Manual

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Acoustat Spectra 22 Owners Manual

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A Division oi Rockford Corporation

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Spectra 22 and 33 are the easiest speakers to assemble
ever manufactured by Acouslal. However. there are a tow
warnings we will make now which will save you trunlrlo

I) Spectra arrays are MIRROR IMAGE. Le. there are LEi i
and RIGHT arrays.

Each is ideniiiied bya small hole (3/16" diameter) locntrvl
in the TOP METAL CAPTUnE PLATE. The hole Is on the
LEFT side at the LEFT array and RIGHT side oi the film i.
array-when viewed from the listening side. Tire two inter.
laces and bases are IDENTICAL.

2) The hardwood bases are easily scratched. They require
careiui handling and lollowing oi precautions given later.

3) The light colored cloth arrays are easily soiled, and all
colors are very prone to picking up linl irorn being lalrl on
a carpet. The protective plastic bag should be Init un thorn
trnlll the arrays are brought into line! installed upright posi

4) Spentra's sectored operation requires a more complex
connection-set irorn interface to array than previonc ru'»
slant-area Aconsiats. More care ls required when making
the connections.

We will repeal these warnings when appropriate.


1) Remove the intedaces (step-up transiormer units) imm
their shipping cartons. Needed hardware ls enclosed in a
hardware hag in each lnleriace carton.

2) Henrove the hardwood bases irorn their stripping cartmr.

3) Rnlerring to FIGURE 1, place one of the interfaces in I: l.
VERTZD posillort, on the rug or other protective enrlace.