Acoustat Spectra 1100 Owners Manual

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Acoustat Spectra 1100 Owners Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of Acoustat Spectra Technology I INTRODUCTION I Break -in Period Your new Acoustat budspeaker requires a break -in period before full performance may be realized. Eyen though the speaker will begin to play within a few moments of being energized, and will sound quite good, a brand new speaker is characterized by a lower efficiency, reduced dynamic capa- bility, and a generally "flat" dimensionality. To "break -in' the speaker, simply play music through the system at moderate volume levels. The most dramatic im - provement will occur within the first 20 hours of operation, although slight improvements may be noticed even at 50 hours of playing time. The break -inperiodmaybeconductedallatonce (i.e. leaving the system playing continuously) or may be accomplished over a number of playing sessions. This break -in phenome- non occurs only when the speaker is brand new. Even if a broken -in speaker has been de-energized for an extended period, it will again reach full performance within a few mo - ments of being re -powered. I Using This Owner's Manual We all have a tendency to read instruction manuals only if something doesn't work as intended. However, the assem - bly andinstallatiinof the Spectra loudspeaker, though simple, may not be obvious at first glance. Therefore, to maximize your enjoyment of this loudspeaker, please read through the entire manual before beginning. This manual contains step -by -step information for assem - bling your Spectra, installation in the listening environment, and hook -up to the amplifier. We have also included addi - tional information in an attempt to answer those most com- monly asked questions. 1 ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION Getting Started There are a few warnings we will make now which will save you trouble later: 1) Spectra arrays are MIRROR IMAGE, i.e. there are LEFT Each is identified by a small label located on the rear edge of the top wood trim, as well as a colored dot on the bottom surface of the array: RED for right, and GREEN for left. The two woofer boxes and two interface chassis are IDENTICAL. 2) The cloth arrays are easily soiled, and are very prone to picking up lint from being laid on a carpet. The protective plastic bag should be left on them until the arrays are brought into final installed upright position 3) Spectra's sectored operation requires a complex connec - tion -set from interface lo array. Care is required when making the connections. and RIGHT arrays. We will repeat these warnings when appropriate. Assembly Tool Required: Large (#2) Phillips Screwdriver 1) Gently pry off the grille frame from the front of the woofer box. It is held on by four plastic fasteners. Set aside the grille frame for later re-attachment. Refer to Figures 1 and 2 for the following steps. 2) Remove the two large bolts at the top-front of the enclo - sure, and set aside. These bolts secure the electrostatic array as well the front edge of the interface chassis. 2

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