Acoustat Model 1.1 Owners Manual

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Acoustat Model 1.1 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Acoustat Model 1.1 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ALL MODELS PLEASE READ COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU ASSEMBLY. For assembly you will require a targe Phillips type screwdriver, and the small attached to the interface cord. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 7. Remove bases, speaker panels and interface from their packing cartons. To the of the panels for assembly. Using the small hex wrench provided, the disassemble the side plates from the main assembly. Set the screws and wrench aside they required later. Set a speaker base on the floor. nameplate side up. the side plates on the base as shown (1 securing them two slot head screws per plate. Leave Lay speaker GENTLY on the floor, the wiring harness facing up. DO NOT DROP! The frapped air under fhe panel can rupture fhe speaker diaphragm. Have a helper raise the lower end panel, or support it on the box. the completed base assembly shown aligning the side plates to the in the speaker back panel. Tighten all screws securely. Standing the compfeted speaker up vertically. position the interface assembly the speakerasshown (3). Locate harnessemergingfromthe the speaker panel. Separate the three wire bundles into the with the plug on the end: the BLUE group With the blue hook on end; and the WHITE gmup, with on the end. Referring to diagram insert pin plug (RED group) into the RED socket on circuit board of the interface Aff ach BLUE hook to the on the right side the blue dot the spacer below the thumbscrew, and the word 'BLUE'. the thumbscrewseveral washerand tighten Repeaf this procedure for the hook on fhe side of the circuit board. assemble the inferface side plates, GENTLY feeding the wiring back the hole in the speaker panel. on the side plates. keeping flanges on the OUTSIDE side as shown (4) & (5). the four head screws info fhe hofes in the sides inferface. and ttghfen the hex wrench provided (5). 9. Position fhe assembled speaker systems the room, two or three from the backwalland at least 'SPEAKER section of the the cord info an wall outlet. speaker terminals to making sure that proper phasing positive (RED) terminal on speaker is connected to (RED) terminal on and for (BLACK)). 1411 B INTERFACE SYSTEM GENTLY layfhe woofer module on its side, exposing the woofer cone and left and right terminal connections (6). Connect the woofer on the the terminals labeled 'woofer' on the back of the speaker inferface. Repeat this procedure for the right Be sure proper phasing (see section on phasing in the placement section of the manual.) 4

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