Acoustat MK 121 Owners Manual

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Acoustat MK 121 Owners Manual

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SPECIFICATIONS MODEL ON€ - Frequency Resoonse: 30 -1 8kHz +/- 3 dB; Sound Pressure Level: 108 dB measured @ 15' in a 14’ x 18' room. (music Peaks); Minimum Power Requirements: 75 Watts/Channel; Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms; Power Consumption: 5 Watts (120V, 50/60 Hz); Dimensions: 72" x 11 "x 3 1/2"; Bass Model Dimensions: 18 1/2" x 18 1/2" x 4 8 1/2"; Weight: 65 Lbs. (Speaker and Interface). 37 Lbs (Bass Module) MODEL 1 + 1 - Frequency Response: 35-20kHz +/- 3 dB; Sound Pressure Level: 108 db @ 18' in a 14' x 22 room. (Music Peaks); Minimum Power Requirements: 100 Watts/Channel; Nominal Impe - dance: 4 Ohms; Power Consumption: 5 watts (120V, 50/60 Hz); Dimensions: Model 4 x x 3%”; Weight: 72 (Speaker and Interface) MODEL THREE - Frequency Response: Sound Pressure 40 db@ in a 14 x 22 room. (Music Peaks); Minimum Power Requirements: 70 Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms; Power Consumption: 5 Watts ( Dimensions: 28 x Weight 98 MODEL 2 2 - Frequency Response: Sound Pressure db 22‘ in a x 26‘ room. (Music Peaks); Minimurn Power Requirements: Nominal Impe - dance: 4 Ohms; Power Consumption: 5 Watts Hz); Dimensions: 94 x 20” x 95 Acoustat specified and in service, defective parts, subject to conditions The must or damaged abuse, negligence, at by maintenance are covered by OR PRODUCT. or

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INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of ACOUSTAT ELECTROSTATIC LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM. Please review the entire owner's before uou begin to assemble your new speakers to assure you of reaching the speaker's full potential. When assembled, placed in the room, and used with fhe proper electronics, the electrostatic loudspeakers you with years of listening enjoyment. REGISTRATION CARDS complete and return enclosed purchase registration card within ten days of purchased yournewspeakem. This card does not allow you of updafes and other product news that would be interest to owners. Any additional you provide aid in continuing to bring music lovers everywhere the finest audio components today. PACKAGING SAVE ALL PACKAGING Your electrostatic are finely pieces d equipment, and must be property whenever is necessary. ONLY the original packaging materials may be obtained from at a charge. FUSES All ACOUSTAT loudspeakers utilize fuses In the audio signal path. This is located on the rear panel dthe base of each replacing only those of and can be used or the may become invalid. LOW -FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER TAP (FULL RANGE MODELS ONLY) Before assembly, locate low tap terminal (identified by a tag) and that setting is correct for model as per below: MI M3 Red Wire to Red Lug Red to Orange Lug Red to Yellow Lug This determines bass for the different speaker models. setfing in bass response that is weaker than normal. 2