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Accuphase VX 700 Brochure

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Logical menu structure and large 40-character by 2 line display makes operation a breeze All settings of the VX-700 can be accessed through a system of layered menus that appear on the amplysized display panel. This lets you quickly establish any desired setting. Controls used for making settings are arranged on a folding panel that retracts into the unit. Three rotary jog dial type knobs are assigned to top-level, medium-level, and low-level items, with corresponding dialog-type menus. Optimized speaker settings with automatic adjustment function Adjustable delay for all channels up to 20 m in 1-cm steps "Small" settings for speakers and subwoofer Cut-off frequency: 25 settings from 10 - 355 Hz Cut-off slope: 12/18/24/48 dB/octave, selectable Display brightness adjustable in five steps Selectable volume display units: linear or dB Attenuator level: -“6/-“20/-“30 dB or Mute Safety lock for all settings Editable memory and input position names A/D converter for analog inputs with selectable sampling frequency: 48/96 kHz Setup has the following four modes to ensure smooth and quick operation. Versatile additional functions and features Center speaker allows adjustment of dialog position height Center level adjustment possible during playback Subwoofer level adjustment possible during playback 6-channel level balance adjustment for analog inputs Analog "F" output setting: optimized for 2 subwoofers or 2 surround rear speakers Speaker equalizer characteristics compensation: 2 bands for L/R front speakers and 6 bands for center/surround/ surround rear speakers allow detailed adjustment Ready for future version upgrades With the VX-700, you are not "locked in" when it comes to compatibility and features. When new functions or suppor t for new audio formats become available, you can upgrade the system software of the unit. This can be done simply by playing the Update CD in a conventional CD player connected to the unit.RS-232 connector for external control The built-in RS-232 interface makes the VX-700 compatible with integrated control systems for the home such as AMX. Supplied remote commander RC-31 All functions of the main unit except for the power switch and ALL CLEAR are duplicated by the remote commander. [CONFIG] mode: Basic input environment and general settings [AUDIO] mode: Audio related settings [VIDEO] mode: Video related settings [QUICK] mode: On-the-fly settings during playback Balanced analog output assembly All 8 analog output channels use an MDS Plus type D/A converter.

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7 digital audio inputs with editable input namesOPTICAL x 4, COAXIAL x 2, BALANCED 2-channel/6-channel analog inputsSignals from these inputs are converted into digital form by 24bit A/D converters with 48/96 kHz sampling frequency. Maximum 8 analog output channels for no-holds-barred surround playback systems 8 unbalanced and 6 balanced connectors are provided. Versatile video input configuration designed for high quality connections 2 S-Video connectors and 4 component inputs (BNC x 1, RCA x 1, D5 x 2) are provided. Component video outputs as standard equipmentTwo sets of component outputs (BNC and RCA) are provided. All video signals from the S-Video inputs are converted to component signals. RCA component video cable Optical fiber cable DVD/CD, MD, broadcast satellite tuner, TV, etc. D-connector cable Coaxial digital cable Audio cable Unbalanced 8 channels, balanced 6 channels RCA component video cable Projector, TV monitor, etc. * When using an active subwoofer (with built-in power amplifier), connect it directly to the "D" output of the VX-700. Power amplifiersMax. 8 speakers Front (L) Center (C)Front (R) Surround left (A)Surround backSurround right (B) Subwoofer (D) Using the digital audio inputs and outputs Connection of DF-35 for front speaker multi-amping Connection of external DAC or DG-28/DG-38 for sound field compensation in a specific channel The VX-700 provides a digital output comprising volume data for front left and right. This lets you connect the Digital Channel Divider DF-35 for multi- amping of the front speakers. L/R channel Coaxial digital cable To power amplifiers for other speakers (except front L/R) To other speakers (except front L/R) Front right speaker (RIGHT) Front left speaker (LEFT) Audio cables High-range power amplifier Low-range power amplifier Connection examples Connect DG-28/DG-38 for sound field compensation in front (L/R), center (C) and subwoofer (D) channels Connect external DAC for surround channels A/B To A/B channel speakersExternal D/A converter Audio cables Power amplifier A/B channel Coaxial digital cable To power amplifiers for other speakers (except A/B channel) To other speakers (except A/B channel) Center (C) Subwoofer (D) Front left (L)Front right (R) Surround back (E) (F) Surround left (A)Surround right (B) VX-700 playback connection examples To make input and output connections for the VX-700, you first select the appropriate cables and connectors from the available choices for audio and video. Using the setup menus, you can then assign any audio input to any video input, so that the input selector will switch both audio and video at the same time. The VX-700 offers an amazing eight output channels (8 unbalanced, 6 balanced connectors), letting you drive amplifiers for as many as eight speakers. Enjoy surround sound with unsurpassed flexibility and impact. C/D channel L/R channel