Accuphase T 107 Brochure

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Accuphase T 107 Brochure

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O DGL FM deecmr O Resonator- controlled FM demodulator
O 1.2 station random memory and automatic sweep tor FM reception

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Keeping pace with technological progress,
electronic tuning systems featuring quartz
synthesizers are beginning to dominate the
market, outmoding conventional models which
depend on variable rotating capacitors. Of
particular value in these new systems are the
higher tuning accuracy made possible by
quartz-controlled precision, the use of memory
for effortless station selection, and high resist-
ance to vibration

The Accuphase T-i07 is a sophisticated
quartz-locked synthesizer FM stereo tuner with
superb fidelity and Signal stability supported by
the most advanced electronic technologies
available These include PLL electronic tuning
circuitry. a differential gain linear (DGL) detecr
tor usmg the delay time of highrspeed CeMOS
le for lowAdistortion reception, an advanced»
dESign resonator-controlled stereo demodula-
tor, and a high-quality audio-frequency am-
plifier for improved sound quality That's a lot of
electronic terminologyfibut what it Simply
means is that not only is the T-iO7 easy to
operate and distinctively designed. it also
boasts stable performance, high reliability, and
pure sound quality supported by the most
up-to-date Accuphase technology.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy music as you
like it with the T407


The highly accurate electronic tuning system
in the T7107 receives desired signals with
quartz-controlled precision within a remarkable
it) 002%, Furthermore, almost no microphoe
nics or noise is caused by acoustic feedback,
This means the tuned frequency channels can
be locked in with minimum distortion at the
potnt of highest sensitivny with almost no
frequency drift over time or because of temper-
ature changes And for easy readability, a
noiseefree digital frequency display is em


The leatherrtouch pushbuttons permit ran
dom presetting of 12 different FM stations. any
one of which can then be instantaneously tuned
in at the touch of your finger Or, the stations
can be tuned in manually by pressmg the
UP/DOWN tuning button which increments/
decrements the frequency in 50 kHz steps (100
kHz in North America and non-European coun
tries) To swnch the frequency at high speed.


Resonator-Controlled Stereo Demodulator

MPX Preamp

le tor DGL Detector

Regulated Power Supply Circuit

Automatic Tuning Controller

Internal arrangement of T-107, the fruit of the most
advanced radio frequency technologies. The
circuits, each consisting of high-precision parts,
highly integrated LSls, etc., are neatly arranged by
function on a single printed circuit board.

simply hold the button down. If you change to
the automatic tuning mode. each time you
press the UP/DOWN tuning button, the tuner
searches for the next station and instantly
jumps to it,

Tuned stations are locked in with quartz-
controlled precision producing stable FM re-
ception with minimum distortion. Moreover,
thanks to a backup battery, the station selec»
tions you made are maintained long after the
power is turned ofi.


in any tuner. the front-end is virtually its
heart", It performs several critical functions 7
selects the input signal. amplifies it. and gener-
ates and delivers the intermediate frequency
signal to the detector How well this seclon is
designed determines the tuner's sensithrjnd
ability to reject interference, In short, it p ays a
major role in determining the quality of the
tuner's sound. A great improvement in suppres-
sing RF intermodulation was achieved in the
Tvi07's front~end in addition to two stages of
doublertuned RF circuitry and a tuned buffer


Front End

IF Amplification

= ackup Lithium Battery

ICS tor Frequency
Synthesizer Control

Frequency Display Controller