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Accuphase M 6000 Brochure

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Output voltage (V) Output current (A) Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuitBias stabilizer circuit Bias stabilizer circuit n Two power units, each with an 8-parallel push-pull arrangement of power MOS-FET devices, are driven in parallel. @ 1-ohm operation possible with music signals only Figure 2 Load impedance vs. output power (output voltage/output current) Figure 1 Circuit diagram of amplifi er section The ultimate power MOS-FET machine - This super capable yet astonishingly nimble monophonic power ampli er features a double instrumentation ampli er setup for fully balanced signal transmission, augmented by a Double MCS+ circuit and current feedback topology. Experience outstanding sound and drastically improved performance parameters including excellent S/N ratio and minimal THD. A hefty power supply and 16 power MOS-FETs arranged in a parallel push- pull con guration deliver 1200 watts (music signal) into an ultra-low 1-ohm load. The M-6000 was born out of a thorough re-evaluation of the power amplifi er from a new vantage point. Aiming for nothing less than the ultimate in sound quality, this monophonic power amplifi er with its massive heat sinks on both sides stands as an impressive achievement. The decisive difference to conventional designs lies in the fact that the M-6000 possesses two completely identical power amplifi er circuits which are driven in parallel. Kept entirely separate and mounted on the left and right sides of the chassis, these circuits deliver output current reserves on a previously almost unheard-of level. A damping factor rating of more than 500 demonstrates that this amplifi er is capable of driving even the most diffi cult, ultra-low impedance loads with ease. In a high-output amplifi er, the operating conditions of the power supply and the thermal conditions can change dramatically from one moment to the next. To ensure stable circuit operation under such demanding conditions must therefore be a top priority. In the M-6000, two major factors which made driving two power amplifi er units in parallel possible are the use of power MOS- FET devices, and the Double MCS+ circuit topology. Power MOS-FETs are renowned for their excellent high-frequency characteristics, and they exhibit negative thermal behavior by design. This makes it easy to control the temperature balance between two power amplifi er units, achieving stable operation even when the load and operating conditions change dramatically. The Double MCS+ circuit works perfectly together with the current feedback approach to ensure perfectly controlled phase characteristics over the entire audible range and even beyond, extending into the ultra high frequency area. This results in further improved overall performance. - 16-parallel push-pull arrangement of power MOS- FETs delivers linear power progression: 1200 watts (music signal) into 1 ohm, 600 watts into 2 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms, or 150 watts into 8 ohms. - Strong power supply with large high-effi ciency 900 VA toroidal transformer and massive fi ltering capacitors (48,000 μF x 2). - Printed circuit boards made from Teflon with low dielectric constant and minimum loss. * Tefl on is a registered trademark of DuPont USA. - Bridged operation of two M-6000 units allows upgrade to monophonic amplifi er with even higher power, delivering 2400 watts into 2 ohms (music signal), 1200 watts into 4 ohms, or 600 watts into 8 ohms. - Double MCS+ (Multiple Circuit Summing) topology and current feedback topology work together for even better S/N ratio. - 4-stage gain selector (MAX, -3 dB, -6 dB, -12 dB) minimizes residual noise. - Fully balanced circuitry reliably shuts out external noise. - Phase selector with Normal and Reverse settings. - Large analog peak-reading meter: - Meter operation and illumination on/off switch - Switchable peak hold time: 3 seconds or infi nite - Instrumentation amplifi er principle enables fully balanced signal paths throughout the unit. - Input selector button (balanced/unbalanced) on front panel. - Massive speaker terminals also accept Y lugs. High-effi ciency toroidal transformer Filtering capacitors Balanced inputs Meter circuitry and protection circuitry assembly Gain control selector Speaker terminal assembly

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Instrumentation amplifier principle Signal input stage Power amplifier stage Principle of current feedback amplifier Amplifier Output I/V converter Current NFB network Trans-impedance amplifier Current adder (+) input buffer (-) input buffer The M-6000 employs latest instrumentation amplifi er topology in a dual confi guration. From the input terminal right through to the output of the power stage, the signal is handled only by balanced amplifi ers. This not only eliminates internal noise and distortion components, it also makes the amplifi er extremely resistant to changes in the external environment, resulting in dramatically improved stability and reliability.The input stage of the amplifi er section features another Accuphase innovation. Double MCS+ makes ample use of cascode drive circuits and dedicates each component to a clearly defi ned task, thereby ensuring stable performance. Four circuits for amplifying the input signal are connected in parallel to keep distortion to a minimum and to further enhance S/N ratio and other parameters. The resulting level of sound quality is simply stunning. As shown in the illustration, the M-6000 uses the output signal current rather than voltage for feedback. Since the impedance at the current feedback point is very low, there is almost no phase shift. A minimal amount of NFB therefore results in maximum improvement of circuit parameters. Double instrumentation amplifi er confi guration allows fully balanced signal paths throughout Double MCS+ in amplifi er stage further improves S/N ratioCurrent feedback assures excellent phase characteristics in high range Instrumentation amplifi er confi guration and further refi ned Double MCS+ circuit - Power amplifi er assembly with 8-parallel push-pull power MOS-FET arrangement for output stage mounted directly to large diecast aluminum heat sink, also comprising MCS+ circuitry and current feedback amplifi er. Two completely identical circuits are used.