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Accuphase M 60 Brochure

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. , improved eproduction of sound details and
sonority at normal sound reproduction levels.

To do this, en amplifier must have superb characteristics even at very low
output levels. Thus, a high power amplifier with outstanding character-
istics from low to high output levels is essential for true quality
reproduction of music, and such an amplifler is gaining acceptance today
among audio connoisseurs, not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

The ACCUFHASE Monophonic Power Amplifier Model M-GO was
completed after extensive engineering efforts in which perfection was
sought without compromises. Monophonic design was chosen to com-
pletely eliminate any possibility of inter-channel interferences from
power supply circuit and wirings, and also to feature a handy weight so
that it can be handled even by one person. The M-60 provides 19" rack
mounting facilities and a cannon type input terminal for studio monitor
or PA system applications.

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.Monophonic Design Advantage for No Inter«ChanneI Inter-
A high power amplifier capable of high outputs as large as 600W stereo (8
ohms) tends to have inter-channel interferences, and to cause excessive
power supply fluctuation. This necessitates an extra heavy duty power
transformer, as well as elaborate heat sinks, which increase the weight
and costs of such amplifiers. The M-60 has utilized the advantage of
special monophonic design to eliminate these problems.
*Every Stage Push-Pull Driven for Greatly Improved Stability,
Linearity and Dynamic Range.
The M-60 employs an extravagant, push-pull lineup from input to output,
that has been credited as a key factor for the outstanding tone quality of
the Model R300. It helps minimize disorder in phase over a wide
frequency range, and maintains extremely excellent linearity over awide
dynamic range. Moreover, the push»pull driven lineup guarantees good
stability against fluctuation in temperature and power supply voltage. As
a result, a constant, ideal operation can be expected,

*Heavy Duty, Large Energy Power Supply

The extremely heavy, large sized power transformer that is employed
withstands continuous 450W outputs unperturbedly into 4 ohms load,
Together with high voltage charged into two of the 22,000 uF filter
capacitor used, it produces an energy of as large as 152 ioules, while the
P800 that provides an output of 400W in total into 4 ohms, produces an
energy of 120 joules. This large energy has created greatly improved
output characteristics at low frequency and no muddiness at fortissimo,

*Logarithmic Scale Peak Level Output Meter

A logarithmic scale output meter is used to enable output power readings
directly from 3mW to 300W. The peak level indication and volume level
indication is switchable.

*Subsonic Filter to Eliminate Noise below Audible Range

Ultra low frequency noises or shocks will, due to high output, create
intermodulation, or may damage speakers. To eliminate such distur»
bances, a subsonic filter has been incorporated that is designed to provide
sharp cutoff below 17 Hz with an ISdB/Oct, slope.

1dB Step Attenuator

Instead of potentiometer type volume control, a 24-step type attenuator
is employed. It attenuates by 1:13 to 20:18, and henceforward to 23dB,
26dB, 30dB and infinity. Even when inattentively touched, its solid
switching system will prevent any possibility of accidental speaker

Cannon Type Input Connector

In addition to regular phono type jacks, a cannon type connector is
provided for a better and surer connection.

Provision for Ventilation Fan Installation

A ventilation fan, even at its lowest speed, will disturb music listening in
a quiet atmosphere. The M60 employs effective heat sinks that provide
good ventilation and natural air flow, and are capable ofdissipating large
amounts of heat. Therefore, a ventilation fan is not required under
normal conditions, but a provision is made_for fan installation for such
cases where installation in an inefficiently ventilating condition is
unavoidable, or where a long, continuous operation at high output power
is required.

Guaranty Specifications

Performance Guaranty:
All Accuphase product specifications are guaranteed as stated.

(from 20Hz to 20,000Hz with no more than 0.1% total
harmonic distortion):
450 watts, min. RMS, at 4 ohms
300 watts, min. RMS, at 8 ohms
150 watts, min. RMS, at 16 ohms

ase M-60 _

(from 20Hz to 20,000Hz at any power output from 1/4
watt to rated power): 4 ohms; 0.1% max.
8 ohms; 0.1% max.
16 ohms; 0.1% max.
will not exceed 0.1% at rated power output for any combination of
frequencies between 20H2 and 20,000Hz
20Hz to 20,000Hz; +0, -0.2dB at rated power output
2H2 to 90,000Hz; +0, «BdB at rated power output
DAMPING FACTOR: 45 (at 8 Ohms load, 20Hz to 20,000Hz)
RISE TIME: 3 pSec.
2,0 Volts, 100 Kohms, for rated output at the maximum level control
HUM AND NOISE: 100dB below rated output
OUTPUT LOAD IMPEDANCE: 4,8 and 16 ohms
SUBSONIC FILTER: cutoff frequency: 17HZ,18dB/oct.
switchable for Volume Level and Peak Level.
calibrated to read 0GB = 300 watts into 8 ohms load and capable of
directly reading down to -50dB (3 mW)
ATTENUATOR: precision, ldB stepping type
voltage selector for 100V, 117V, 220V, 240V 50/60Hz operation
Consumption: 65 watts at zero signal output

540 watts at rated output (8 ohms load)

800 watts at rated output (4 ohms load)
SEMICONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 47 transistors, 51 diodes, 3 lCs

482mm (19 inches) wide, I70mm (6»11/16 inches) high,
345mm (138/16 inches) deep
'mountable on 19" standard rack. rack mount pitch; 100mm (4")
rack inside horizontal measurement; 430mm (16~15/16l
27kgs (59.4 lbs) net, 32kgs (70.4 lbs) in shipping carton

rmei Capacitors
2 >. 22,0!)an

Protecflon Circuit

Power Meter Circuit

Input Terminals Sneaker Termmals

Maui Drive Assembly

Heavy duty Power Transformer

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