Accuphase M 60 Brochure

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Accuphase M 60 Brochure

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. , improved eproduction of sound details and
sonority at normal sound reproduction levels.

To do this, en amplifier must have superb characteristics even at very low
output levels. Thus, a high power amplifier with outstanding character-
istics from low to high output levels is essential for true quality
reproduction of music, and such an amplifler is gaining acceptance today
among audio connoisseurs, not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

The ACCUFHASE Monophonic Power Amplifier Model M-GO was
completed after extensive engineering efforts in which perfection was
sought without compromises. Monophonic design was chosen to com-
pletely eliminate any possibility of inter-channel interferences from
power supply circuit and wirings, and also to feature a handy weight so
that it can be handled even by one person. The M-60 provides 19" rack
mounting facilities and a cannon type input terminal for studio monitor
or PA system applications.