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Accuphase M 1000 Brochure

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O Ultravpowertul output stage delwers 1000 watts Into 8 ohms 0 Outstanding low-Impedance drive capability O Digitat power meter
shows true power levels 0 Balanced input

*lvntuntiJ: bum/mm

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The M71000 is a monophonic power amplifier
that delivers power levels only available before
in professional equipment. its performance per-
fectly matches the requirements of a new age of
highrquality audio. it represents another pinnav
cle of Accuphase engineering.

Naturally. in a normal listening room. even when
driving low-impedance speakers to high levels.
1.000 watts of output power are not absolutely
mandatory But the difference between haying
just enough power to get by and having an
ample performance margin with room to spare is
clearly evident to discerning ears in demanding
music reproduction. it may be compared to the
superior driving comfort one experiences in a
high-powered limousine,

Of course. the Single most important require,
ment of a power amplifier deSigned for music
enjoyment in the home is sound quality. Merely
provtding high power is not enough. Musical
detail, imaging, depth. ambience all must be
reproduced to the finest nuance. The M-tOOO
was designed to unite high power and sonic
excellence. It uses two power units in bridged
configuration. forming a totally balanced am;
plilier Meticulous attention has been paid to
every detail. and original Accuphase technolo-
gy is used throughout, with the aim to improve
quality especially at low signal levels.

The impedance of loudspeakers on the market
varies considerably, ranging from about 2 ohms
to 16 ohms With a direct-coupled amplifier,
driving such awide impedance range with equal
aplomb is almost impossible. An output stage
designed for optimum performance at 2 ohms
will deliver less power into 8 to 16 ohms, Con-
versely. the performance of an amplifier op-
timized for about 4 to 8 ohms suffers at 2 ohms
and it will not be capable ofdriving 1-ohm loads,
The M4000 incorporates a special design to
deal With a wide range of load impedances. The
applied voitage of its output deVices can be
switched to a lower value, to provide the high
current capability required by low-impedance


(a) Imbalaneod Transfer




(b) Balanced Transfer

loads. This results in a truly amazing guaranteed
rating of i.600 watts into 1 ohm and i .100 watts
into 2 ohms, with undiminished sound quality.
To achieve such stunning performance, the out-
put stage of each power unit employs 14 parallel
push-pull pairs of wide- band transistors with a
maximum power dissrpation (PC) of 150 watts
each This amounts to 28 deVIces per unit (56
devices in total with a combined maximum powr
er dissapation of 8,400 watts). These truly asv
tounding figures testify to the no-holds-barred
design approach of the M71000.

input stage

Fig. 1 Two Signal Transfer Methods

To let you monitor its performance, the M1000
incorporates a newly developed digital power
meter as well as an analog output level meter. As
opposed to conventional indicators, the revola
utionary design of the digital meter detects the
actual signal voltage and current levels supplied
to the speaker and displays actual output power
in real time.

The beautiful and simple elegance of this am»
plitier's external appearance belies its awesome
performance. But when turned on, it speaks
unmistakably through music.

Perfectly balance

0 Class A cascade NPN transistor predriver

o N-ch power MOS FET driver

0 Class A cascade PNP transistor predriver

o P-ch power MOS FET driver

9 Emitter follower resistors

e 15 NPN output transistors including
power transistor drivers

0 15 PNP output transistors including
power transistor drivers

0 Class A cascode differential push-pull


Output relay contra
supply regulator P