Accuphase E 308 Brochure

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Accuphase E 308 Brochure

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Highly reliable logic-controlled relays for best sound quality Program source switching is performed by logic- controlled relays which are arranged so as to permit straight and short signal paths for enhanced sonic purity. The hermetically sealed relays are high-quality types developed specifically for demanding communication applications. The contacts are twin crossbar types plated with gold for minimum contact resistance and outstanding long-term reliability. Two sets of heavy-duty speaker terminals Two sets of oversize speaker terminals are provided which accept also heavy-gauge speaker cable.Large power transformer and high filtering capacity The power supply section is a critical aspect of any power amplifier. The E-308 features a large power trans- former with a rating of 500 VA. The trans- former is mounted in an enclosure filled with damping material that has excellent heat transfer charac- teristics. This design prevents unwanted interaction with the rest of the amplifier. Two massive electro- lytic capacitors, each rated for 22,000 µF, are used to filter the current. This ampleperformance margin of the power supply en- sures dynamic sound down to very deep fre- quencies. Tone controls use summing active filters for pure sound The tone control circuitry in the E-308 features summing active filters. Figure 5 illustrates the operation principle of this circuit. The flat sig- nal is passed straight through, and only when an ad- justment is required, the characteristics created at F 1 and F 2 are added to the signal, thereby producing the desired change. This design provides effi- cient control without degrading signal purity. Input Output Fig. 5 Tone control circuit principle (Summing active filter type) Power amplifier assembly with parallel push-pull output devices mounted to large heat sink, MCS circuit, and current feedback amplifier circuitry. n nn n nSupplied remote commander RC-20 Allows volume adjustment and input source switching Gold-plated input/output jacks with directly connected relays