Accuphase E 212 Brochure

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Accuphase E 212 Brochure

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This design provides efficient control without degrading signal purity. Two pairs of speaker output terminals The oversize speaker terminals accept even very heavy-gauge speaker cable. The A/B switch-selectable outputs allow driving two pairs of loudspeakers, while the A+B position can be used for bi-wiring where the low and high frequency drivers of a speaker are con- nected to the amplifier with separate leads. Analog peak power meters The large analog power meters use logarith- mic compression to cover a wide dynamic range. The peak hold function lets the user easily monitor the output level of the rapidly fluctuating music signal. Supplied remote commander RC-23 Allows volume adjustment and source switching. Strong power supply with large power transformer and high filtering capacity The power supply is the source of energy for an amplifier. The E-212 features a massive 400 VA power transformer and two large elec- trolytic capacitors rated for 22,000 µF each. This assures ample reserves also for repro- duction of demanding bass passages. Power amplifier assem- bly with parallel push- pull output stage and current feedback cir- cuitry mounted to large heat sink High-capacity power transformer and filtering capacitors