Accuphase E 210 Brochure

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Accuphase E 210 Brochure

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#E— 210A

0 Parallel pusn»pul| oulpul slage delivers quallly power: 80
walls per channel lnlo 8 ohms O Currenl leedback circuit lav
pology prevenls phase shifts O ngh-gain power amplilier
O E-210A incorporates high~perlormance phone slage
O Loglcmnlmlled relays (or optimum signal roullng

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Highly reliable logic-controlled relays

Long signal paths for functions such as input
SWitching and tape monitoring tend to degrade
high frequency response and impair imaging. In
the E- 10/E-210A, all swttching is performed by
iogic-controlled relays which are arranged so as
to permit the shortest possible signal paths. The
hermetically sealed relays are high-quality types
developed specifically for demanding communi-
cation applications. The contacts are twin cross-
bar types plated with gold for minimum contact
resistance and outstanding long-term reliability.

Versatile input configuration including bal-
anced connectors

The E-210/E-210A offers five inputs controlled by
the input selector plus another input for a tape res
corder. One input is designed for balanced cone
nections. The principle of balanced signal
transmission is shown in Figure 5. At the source
component. the signal is converted into a posnive



Fig.5 Principle of the Balanced Outputs to Inputs

and negative signal with identical voltage poten—
tial but phase‘inverted by 180 degrees. On the re-
ceiving side the two signals are fed into a positive
and negative amplifier input and combined
precisely.Since any noise which was picked up by
the connecting cable etc. has the same phase in

both lines. it is canceled by the mixing process.
ensuring noise-free signal transmission with opti-
mum sonic purity.

Gold-plated input/output jacks and XLR connectors
with directly connected relays

Remote commander allows source swltch-
ing and volume adlustment

Listening level adjustment is performed by a small
motor which drives the high-quality volume con»

lFlemote commander Hots
Allows volume adjustment
and input source switchinga

trol via a clutch, for
smooth, reiiable ac-
tion. The input selec-
tor controls the relays
in the amplifier, offer-
ing remote control
convenience without
any sacrifices in sound

H e a v y - d u t y
speaker terminals
ac c o m m net ate
also banana plugs

The oversize speaker
terminals accept even
very heavysgauge
speaker cable. and it is
also possible to insert banana plugs.

I High-gain power amplitier assemoly (one channel)
Output stage with parallel push-pull arrangement
of mum-emitter power transistors. power mos.
FETs, and current leedback circuitry mounted to
large heat sink