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accuphase e204

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P.I.A. , Rosenweg 6, D-64231 Weiterstadt


xiv-1- amen TEST EQ'PT I CONECTING POINT fifigfififi 2W} , (a);
4mm; arts-Ha:
-f 3 5442-777155-)-
DC Balance of -L" REC OUT -L" on
l Egualizer Amp. v.0. M t s t . rear panel VRl _
4 a 74 *77'7--L"DC»<% , x to less 31:; Scolgye -a, 7qu/LVREC OUT -L" Adjust for -O-
_ , 57W ' -a reading of V.Ol Meter
DC Balance of -R" 76 _ _, REC OUT -R- on 1 y rimmeow: am
2 Equalizer Amp. DCO'3VIJTmV/7 rear panel VR 2
t :v ? { *f-f- '1 7'-R"DC'<'7 y 1 ,4 7 7/ qwxgc OUT -R"
POWER AMP ASSEMBLY (7.7-0012-00)
Bias Current Adjr for L ch. (l)and(2)tenninals of >
1 , , :;; V,OV Meter Set range Cement Resistor VR] ,
Lch. n 4 7 want m m than Dmgv' t x y mmmnmmz) g4!
1-1 5-" / -
Bias Current Ad- for R ch- . - _ ;< (l)and(l)tenninals of
2 R h- . , 1 DCO-WUYWV- Cement ReSIstor VR 2
5 ~ "4 -135m tl> Hmmmfiumm

Notes; *1 Internal input resistance of voltrohm meter should be higher than 10k ohms.

?Z yeti. AfilfifitlokQL1J1mmeBlfDTéhu

5&2 Following readjustment is not required when a whole Print Circuit Board has been changed. However,

3&3 In the DC Balance adjustment, though a normal volt-ohm meter can only indicate tl

Test Pom
% 1 r £4 > t

Tummis o!
Cement Resistor
{>1 7 Hmiwuzvm ,2

in case of any component parts on the Printed Circuit Board having been changed, apply readjustment
according to the following table. /

ikmfilfilfi-éli. SE??? PC frim F E- El% L L"%éli WirEZ-TiJ- . PC T~ Fmfillnnu Efiifi L7:
5' fi a -C T 2'? L - n

offset balance!

with a very small amount of meter scale, adjust it carefully so as the meter to i e exact ZERO
DC A? > z (OFFSFT ) Efi at; v? x é--Titfilmim-lfl-fifilTLirib3- 3 Jar/tang vein-z y ,.

mfia-fi'l-filfi < fib-fi'wfifilfififi-, L -CT é -a

Power Amp Assembly Equallzer Amp Assembly
IW-T->7-Ass-y +354fi7-y7mss'y

(7|7~00|2-OU) (7||~00|0-00)