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Accuphase DP 90 Brochure

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DP- 90


DC -91

.HPC digital transmission system for high-quality transmission
.New MMB type D/A conversion system ensuring 207bit
resoiution linearity and low noise .Automatic detection of three
sampling frequencies and three irequency accuracy leveis



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In the year 1986, when the Compact Disc had
begun to gain true acceptance, Accuphase
created a sensation by introducing the sepa-
rate-type CD Player DP-80/DC-81. Some of its
highlights were a D/A converter system devel»
oped by Accuphase and built with discrete
components for unprecedented precision, as
well as the use of optical links and optical iso-
lators for internal wiring. to assure freedom
from digital interference. The sound quality of
this CD reproduction system has gained
highest praise worldwide.

The discrete multi-bit converter was further
upgraded to 20-bit precision in the L version
which continues to be used as a reference CD
player to this day.

However, progress never stops. Now. in the
10th year since the introduction of the CD.
Accuphase opens yet another chapter in the
advancement of D/A conversion technology.
We proudly introduce the revolutionary MMB
(Multiple Multi-Bit) system. As the name
implies. several 20-bit D/A converters are used
in parallel (in the case of the DC-Qt a full
sixteen per channel). to provide hitherto
unheard-of linearity and to reduce noise to the
absolute theoretical limit.

The link between the CD transport and pro-
cessor units of course employs the optical prin~
ciple. but it goes far beyond conventional
designs. While optical links have become
rather common these days. all too often one
finds inferior. simplified implementations that

HPC optical ultrahigh-speed link with data
transfer rate of 150M BPS

Accuphase Is NOW Cha]

do not realize the full performance potential of
this principle. It goes without saying that for
Accuphase. only the best will do, and to this
end. we have developed the innovative HPC
digital input/output circuitry. HPC stands for
High Performance Connection". For optical
links. it adopts the ST format that supports a
data transfer rate of up to 150 megabits per
second. This is as much as 25 times more than
the 6 megabits actually required for digital
audio, thus providing an ample safety margin.
For balanced connections, HPC uses high-
quality professional-standard links as em»
ployed for example in computer networks. This
eliminates pulse distortion and jitter. resulting in
drastically improved sound quality. Of course.
ElAJ-standard optical and balanced conneC»
tors are also provided.

The CD Transport DP-90 features a laser
pickup with an integrated RF amplifier. to guard
against any kind of interference. The spindle.
sled. focusing and tracking actuators. disk tray
etc. are driven by balanced circuits to reduce
internal noise that could interfere with the
pickupoutput signal. The chassis is made from
8vmm solid aluminum capable of absorbing
any kind of vibration arising either inside or
outside the player. Top-notch mechanical as
well as electrical design and construction
assure highly precise restoration of the digital

The Digital Processor DC-91 incorporates
the MMB D/A converter system which redefines
the state of the art. As can be seen from the
graph. response of digital input versus analog
output is absolutely linear from very high to ex-
tremely low levels. Distortion and noise are vir-
tually absent. in all aspects. this processor
attains the theoretical limit of performance.

The digital inputs are all equipped for 24-bit
DAI (Digital Audio Interface) connections.
Digital signal processing for functions such as
signal attenuation and optional phase reversal
is also performed at 24-bit resolution. and a 24-

the Digital

Aim mom timm

-m -ioo ,m an «on -2an new
Datum .

Linearity (digltol Input vs. analog output)

no t wism RENEW


m m Ilt

Wk millet

THD + nolse vs. trequency characteristic

bit digital output is provided to allow for future

The number of formats that permit digital
recording is currently on the increase. encom:
passing DCC. MD. DAT and recordable wr'
once CDs. To accommodate such comp »
nents. the 0091 has two sets of digital inputs
and outputs (each with optical and coaxial con-
nectors). and one set of HPC balanced con-
nectors for professional equipment. The unit
therefore can also serve as digital control
center. opening up new vistas for the enjoy-
ment of superb digital sources.

Wu»: snug Maril'am

Frequency spectrum of nan-signal
reproduced noise

The characteristic dam MB those measured when the DP-90 and 13091 were interconnected.

u an an Ml a s in [bin

new»: mum. MIR-mm}-

Frequency spectrum of reproducing signal
at 1kHz. -60dB ("0


an inn t "It wilful

Frequency characteristic

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o PLAV TFIACK Indicator

0 TRACK/INDEX Indicator
0 TIME Indicator

0 Disc Tray OPEN/CLOSE Key
0 PLAV (Playback Stan) Key
0 POWER Switch

0 Disc Tray

0 STOP Key


in PAUSE Key


0 Input Position Indicators

0 EMPH. PHASE, and Sampling
Frequency Indicators

. LEVELl-dEI Indicator

0 POWER Switch

0 INPUT Selector Keys

0 REC-1. REC-2, REC-3
(Recorder) Selector Keys

0 PHASE (Output Phase) Selector

0 SFA (Sampling Frequency
Accuracy) Key

0 OUTPUT LEVEL Adjust Keys



O HPC optical Iioer output

0 Toslink optical lioer output

. HPC digital output balanced
type connector

0 Coaxial output jack

. Unswitched AC oullet

0 AC power cord


o HPC optlcal liber input connector

0 Toslink optical lloer input

0 HPC digital input balanced type

0 Coaxial input jacks

o RECl input connector

e RECt output connector tor
recording (Tosllnleoaxial)

o Hecz input connector

0 RECZ output connector Ior

a RECS balanced-type input

0 RE03 balanced-type output
connector lor recording

0 24-bit digital output connector

0 Unbalanced type output jack for
audio output

0 Balanced type output connector
tor audio output:
0) Ground, (2) Inverted (-).
(at Non-inverted (+)

(D AC power cord

The unswitched AC outlet may not
be supplied depending on the
salary standards or regulations
applicable in me particular country
Io where the unit is destined


my]: I littilug

(Guaranty specifications are measured according to
EIAJ standard (DP-307.)

Performance Guaranty
All Accuphase product specifications are guaranteed as

0 Product Type Digital Compact Disc playback unit
0 Format Standard CD lormat
Error correction principle: CIRC
Number oi channels: 2
Revolution speed: 500 a 200 rpm (constant
linear velocity)
Scan velocity: 12 - 1.4 m/s, constant
a Data read Principle
Non-contact optical pickup (semiconductor laser)
a Laser Type
GaAIAs (double heterodyne diode)
a Digital Signal Output Format and Level (ElA)
Timing precision: Level I

HPC optical: Output -19 to -14 dBm
Wavelength 820 nm

HPC balanced: 5 Vp-p. 110 ohms

OPTICAL: Output 721 to *15 dBm (EIAJ)
Wavelength 660 nm

COAXIAL: 0.5 Vpp, 75 ohms

I Power Requirements 100/117/220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
I Power Consumption 12 W

a Maximum Dimensions
475 mm (1&3/4') Width x 149 mm (5-7/8') height X
379 mm (14»15/16') depth
0 Weight
20.5 kg (45.2 lbs.) net
255 kg (56.2 lbs.) in shipping canon

I Product Type Digital processor unit
I Input/Output Format Standard EIA Iormat
Quantization: 16 - 24 bit linear
Sampling Irequencles (automatic detection):
32 kHz. 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Timing precision (automatic detection): Level I, II. III
0 Frequency Response 4.0 - 20.000 Hz 10.3 dB
- D/A Convener MMB type. 20-bit
0 Digital Fitter
20-bit B-times oversampling IiIIer
Digital deemphasis, Tolerance: 10.001 dB
0 Total Harmonic Distortion
0.002% (20 - 20,000 Hz)

0 SIgnal-ttrNOise Ratio 120 dB
9 Dynamic Range 98 US
I Channel Separation 112 dB

0 Rated Output Level and Impedance
BALANCED: 2.5 V150 ohms. XLFHype connector
UNBALANCED: 2.5 V/50 ohms, FICA-type phono jack
. Output Level Control
0 to -40 dB in 1-dB steps (digital control)

u Digital Signal input Format (EIA)
HPC optical: Input -30 to -10 dBm
HPC balanced: minimum input 0.2 V. 250 ohms
OPTICAL: Input -27 to ~15 dBnl
COAXIAL: 0.5 Vp-p. 75 ohms
0 Power Requirements 100/117l220l240 V, 50/60 t
0 Power Consumption 42 W
0 Dimensions
475 mm (18»3/4') width X 149 mm (5-7/8") height X
379 mm (14-15/ts) depth
0 Weight
22.5 kg (49.7 lbs.) net
275 kg (605 lbs.) in shipping carton

Remote Commander RC-9
(Supplied with DP790. but also available as an option.)
Remote control principle: inlrared pulse
Power supply:3V DC (IEC R03 (size AAA) oatteriesx 2)
Dimensions: 66 mm (2-5/ ") x 225 mm (8-7/8) x

20 mm (13/16")

280 g (0.6 lbs.) (including batteries)

.HPC Optical Fiber Cable HLG-IO (1 m)
uHPC Balanced-type Cable HLC-1O (1m)
OToslink Optical Fiber Cable LG-1D (1m)
Supplied with DP-QO
(Each cable is available with a length ol 2m, 3m. and 5m.)




L921 OY

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