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Accuphase DP 85 Brochure

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Integrated SACD/CD player with HS-Link. Ready for new-generation formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1 bit and 192 kHz/24 bits. Revolutionary MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) con- verter. Transport section with dedicated DSP for digital servo control and single lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism. Entirely separate construction of transport and processor sections, with HS-Link and coaxial transport output and digital inputs. The Super Audio CD (SACD) is now the pinnacle format of pure audio. Based on the expertise gained with the separate type SACD/CD player combo DP-100 and DC-101, Accuphase developed the DP-85 using the latest advances in digital technology. The result is an integrated SACD/CD player of the highest quality. The DP-85 lets you fully enjoy the amazing dynamic range of SACD/CD sources. The superb sound quality is sure to capture the heart of any audiophile. The transport section of the DP-85 features a dedicated DSP for the digital servo circuitry and a single lens/twin pickup high-speed mechanism for totally accurate signal readout and almost instantaneous access time. The processor section is ready for the latest word in quality such as 2.8224 MHz/1-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit sources. The MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) D/A converter employs multiple strictly selected delta sigma units in a parallel configuration, assuring unprecedented conversion precision. Although housed in one enclosure, the SACD/ CD transport section and the processor section of the DP-85 can be used entirely independent of each other, thanks to the HS-Link and coaxial outputs and the digital inputs. Slots for option boards are provided as well, resulting in unsurpassed versatility for no-compromise reproduction of music. The DP-85 represents digital audio at its best, allowing the audio connoisseur to rediscover what music is all about. Digital servo with dedicated DSP assures highly accurate signal pickup for SACD and CD Plays also regular CDs with impressive quality Single lens/twin pickup mechanism minimizes access time and SACD/ CD switching time Compatible with super high quality digital audio interface HS-Link developed by Accuphase; one RJ-45 HS-Link output connector built in Dedicated coaxial connector for CD signal output Text data display shows disc and title name, artist name, and other information Strong chassis with resonance and vibration resistant construction "High Carbon" cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics further enhance sound quality Multi-function remote commander RC-28 supplied as standard equipment The HS-Link output of the transport section can be used to combine the unit with a DC-330, DC-101, DG-28, etc., using dedicated HS-Link cable. With the DC-330 -†’ DF-35 combination, a multi-amplified system entirely in the digital domain can be constructed. HS-Link is an ultra high-quality digital audio interface developed by Accuphase using latest digital signal transmission technology. It supports send/receive verification for copyright protection. The LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) principle allows a single dedicated HS-Link cable to transmit signals using advanced formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1 bit or 192 kHz/24 bits. Conventional digital formats are also supported. Because digital audio data are transmitted with utmost fidelity, the sound quality achieved by HS-Link is simply outstanding. Digital Audio Signal Digital Audio Signal TIA/EIA-568A CAT.5 STRAIGHT CABLE TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver Security Control HS-Link Encoder RJ-45 Connector RJ-45 Connector Security Control HS-Link Decoder [ SACD/CD Transport Section] Features and Functions Connection examples for effective use of SACD/CD transport New Generation Digital Interface HS-Link: High Speed Link Assembly with transport outputs (HS-Link, coaxial) and digital inputs (optical, coaxial) DP-85 Block DiagramHS-Link Block Diagram Sound field compensation with DG-28 connected to DC-330 Sound field compensation with DG-28 connected to DC-101 HS-Link cable DIO2-DG1 installed in EXT DSP slot (uses 2 slots)Coaxial digital cable Analog outputs Analog preamplifier HS-Link cable Coaxial digital cable Analog outputs Power amplifier DIO2-DG1 installed in EXT DSP slot (uses 2 slots) DI2-HS1 installed HS-Link cable Multi-amplified system with DC-330 and DF-35 connected digitally DI2-HS1 installedDO2-HS1 installed in OUTPUTS slotHS-Link cable For 5-way configuration and higher: additional DF-35 DI2-HS1 installedAnalog output (2-way configuration) Using the HS-Link, it is possible to keep the connection of DP-85 -†’ DC-330 -†’ DF-35 entirely in the digital domain until directly before the power amplifier. The various components are connected with HS-Link cable. Power amplifier Power amplifier

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Supports new generation formats with high sampling rates such as 2.8224 MHz/1 bit and 192 kHz/24 bits MDS type D/A converter achieves stunning performance and sound quality D/A converter with printed circuit boards made from Teflon (glass fluorocarbon resin) with low dielectric constant and low loss (-œ½ Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont USA.) Ultra jitter-free PLL circuit topology Fully separate processor section with coaxial and optical digital inputs Ultra high-speed digital coupler ensures effective separation between digital and analog sections Digital level control with an adjustment range of 0 dB to -“60 dB Balanced and unbalanced analog outputs MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) is a revolutionary design which employs several delta sigma type converters in a parallel configuration. In the combined output of these multiple converters, conversion errors cancel each other out, resulting in a drastic improvement in all relevant aspects of converter performance: accuracy, S/N ratio, dynamic range, linearity, THD, etc. For the DP-85, this principle has been fur ther refined by enhancing the current-to-voltage converter in the signal adder section for even better stability and top- notch performance. DAC #1 #2 S 1 e1 S2 e2 Sn-1 en-1 Sn en #n-1 #n Digital input S 0 (Signal) e 0(Conversion error) MDS output Signal Conversion error Note the ratio between signal and conversion error. In the MDS output, the error is very small in relation to the signal. For the purpose of synchronizing operation of the D/A converter with the digital audio interface (DAI), a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit is used which generates a master clock to be used as system reference. As shown in the diagram, the Ultra Jitter-Free PLL Circuit of the DP-85 consists of a preamble detector and a voltage- controlled oscillator (VCO) using a quartz crystal element. The master clock produced by this PLL circuit is totally free from the effects of pulse distortion and jitter. V C O DAI input signal Preamble detector Phase comparator Frequency dividerPreamble signal (pulse distortion removed) Loop filter Master clock output The DP-85 uses six delta sigma converters in parallel, which results in an overall performance improvement by a factor of 2.45 (= -ˆš6). [ Digital Processor Section] Features and Functions Ultra Jitter-Free PLL Circuit Further Improved MDS Type D/A Converter Assembly with HS-Link encoder, master clock generator, DAI encoder/ decoder, ultra jitter- free PLL circuit, and other digital signal processing circuits MDS type D/A converter principle Principle of ultra jitter-free PLL circuit MDS D/A converter and analog outputs assembly (with two Teflon PCBs for left & right channels, featuring low dielectric constant and low loss) Supplied remote commander RC-28 Functions include input switching, output level adjustment, direct play, repeat, program, shuffle, etc.