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Accuphase DP 78 Brochure

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An SA-CD/CD player of the highest order -“ Processor section supports high- quality formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit. Further improved MDS++ D/A converter. Transport section features dedicated DSP for digital servo and single lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism. Separate construction of transport and processor sections and respective connectors allow independent use. HS-Link input/output boards available as option. The Accuphase separate type player combo DP-100 and DC-101 incorporating HS-Link connectivity is recognized both in Japan and overseas as the ultimate setup for SA-CD playback. It is the standard against which all others have to be measured. And now, the superior technological know-how gained through the development of this combo has found another manifestation in the integrated SA-CD/ CD player DP-78. Incorporating the latest advances in digital technology, the DP-78 is destined to take its place at the top of its class. By concentrating solely on two- channel sources both in the SA-CD and CD format, the DP-78 lets you fully enjoy the best that orthodox music reproduction has to offer. Ever since its introduction in 1999, the SA-CD catalog of hybrid discs has been expanding. With its 2.8224 MHz/ 1-bit format, the SA-CD stores four times as much information as a conventional CD at 44.1 kHz/16-bit. This allows it to realize dramatically superior physical performance as manifested by wider frequency response and dynamic range. The DP-78 is equipped to make full use of this impressive potential. It will let you rediscover the deep joy and satisfaction that a truly outstanding musical experience can offer. But the DP-78 not only handles the SA-CD format with impeccable finesse, it will bring out the best from conventional CD sources as well. Be prepared for a wholly new encounter with your entire musical catalog. The SA-CD/CD transport section and the processor section of the DP-78 are kept entirely independent of each other, to achieve optimum performance in each regard. The transport features a single lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism, combined with a digital servo controlled by its own DSP. This advanced approach assures highly accurate processing of the digital signal and excellent support for high-sampling-frequency sources including 2.8224 MHz/1-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit. The DAC -“ a key component for determining sound quality -“ incorporates a further refined version of the acclaimed MDS principle, called MDS++. As a result of this non-holds- barred approach, the DP-78 projects a sound stage of unprecedented realism and sheer musical perfection. Digital Audio Signal Digital Audio Signal TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver Security Control RJ-45 Connector RJ-45 Connector Security Control HS-Link Decoder HS-Link Encoder SA-CD / CD CD Optical Head Motor & DriverDigital Signal ProcessorCP-1201 EncoderCP-1201 Driver RF Signal Processor DSPΓ—2 Digital Servo ProcessorClock Generator Infrared ReceiverKey Matrix Display Master Control Computer Option 1 Option 2 Linear Phase Low-Pass Filter Linear Phase Low-Pass Filter Ultra Jitter-Free PLL Interface DecoderOptical Coaxial OpticalCoaxialUnbalanced Balanced Unbalanced Balanced Digital Inputs Option SlotsLeft Analog Outputs SA- CD Optical Head Transport Outputs Right Analog Outputs DAC DACΓ—6 D/A Conversion System Buffer Buffer DAC DACΓ—6 MDS ++ D/A Conversion System MDS ++ TIA/EIA-568A CAT.5 STRAIGHT CABLE High Low DC-330 DF-45 DP-78 nDigital servo with dedicated DSP assures highly accurate signal pickup for SA-CDs and CDs nPlays also regular CDs with outstanding quality nSingle lens/twin pickup mechanism minimizes access time nSupport for text data display including disc title and artist name information nStrong, precision-machined chassis with resonance and vibration resistant construction nSA-CD/CD transport output via optional HS-Link Output Board DO2-HS1 (see connection example below) SA-CD/CD Transport Section Features and Functions nHigh Carbon cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics further enhance sound quality nMulti-function remote commander RC-100 supplied as standard equipment nDedicated coaxial and optical connectors for CD signal output `Assembly with master clock generator, DAI encoder/decoder, ul- tra jitter-free PLL cir- cuit, and other digital signal processing cir- cuitry Transport section outputs Accuphase Original Digital Interface HS-Link: High Speed Link Digital connection for multi-amped system Using HS-Link, it is possible to keep the connection of DP-78 Ε  DC-330 Ε  DF-45 entirely in the digital domain until directly before the power amplifier. The various components are connected with HS-Link cable. DO2-HS1 installed DI2-HS1 installedDO2-HS1 installed in OUTPUTS slotFor 5-way con- figuration and higher: to addi- tional DF-45Analog output (2-way configuration) HS-Link cable HS-Link cable Power amplifier Power amplifier Connection example for effective use of SA-CD/CD transport DP-78 Block DiagramHS-Link Block Diagram HS-Link is an ultra high-quality digital audio interface developed by Accuphase using the latest digital signal transmission technology. It supports send/receive verification for copyright protection. The LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) principle allows a single dedicated HS-Link cable to transmit signals using advanced digital audio formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1-bit or 192 kHz/24-bit. Because digital audio data are transmitted with utmost fidelity, the sound quality achieved by HS-Link is outstanding.

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Other Functions and Features DAC 1 DAC 2 DAC 3 DAC 4 DAC 5 DAC 6 S1 e1 S2 e2 Sn-1 en-1 S0 (Signal) e0 Sn en DAC #1 DAC #n-1 DAC #2 DAC #n -“140-“140-“130-“120-“110-“100-“90-“80-“70-“60-“50-“40-“30-“20-“100 -“120 -“100-“90-“80-“70 -“50-“40-“30-“20-“10 0 Analog Output Digital Input [dB] [dB] LINEARITY (Conversion error) (Normal phase output) (Reverse phase output) I (current)/V (voltage) converter Current adder Voltage adderSubtraction DAC output (Normal phase output) (Reverse phase output) Further Refined MDS++ D/A Converter The output signal is produced by an MDS++ Type D/A converter which boasts ultimate performance and impeccable sound quality. MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma) is a revolutionary design which employs several delta sigma type converters in a parallel configuration for greatly improved accuracy. As is evident from the illustration, combining the output signal from individual converters causes mutual cancellation of conversion errors, resulting in a notable improvement in all relevant aspects of conversion performance: accuracy, S/N ratio, dynamic range, linearity, and THD.The DP-78 uses six Analog Devices AD1955 delta sigma converters in parallel, which affords an overall performance improvement by a factor of 2.4 (-ˆš6). The MDS++ type converter in the DP-78 (block diagram shown below) features improved operation of the I-V (current-to-voltage) circuit and uses a combination of current adding and voltage adding, to reduce the load on the current adder. This results in better stability and further improved performance. Music emerges from a totally silent background and is reproduced with incredibly accurate spatial imaging. Digital inputSignal Note the ratio between signal and conversion error. In the MDS output, the error is very small in relation to the signal. MDS output Conversion error Delta sigma type D/A converter n nn n n Block diagram of MDS++ converter n nn n nSupplied remote commander RC-100 Functions include input switching, output level adjustment, direct play, repeat, program, shuffle, etc. n nn n nMDS type D/A converter principleLinearity (Digital input vs. analog output)