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Accuphase DP 78 Brochure

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An SA-CD/CD player of the highest order – Processor section supports high- quality formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit. Further improved MDS++ D/A converter. Transport section features dedicated DSP for digital servo and single lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism. Separate construction of transport and processor sections and respective connectors allow independent use. HS-Link input/output boards available as option. The Accuphase separate type player combo DP-100 and DC-101 incorporating HS-Link connectivity is recognized both in Japan and overseas as the ultimate setup for SA-CD playback. It is the standard against which all others have to be measured. And now, the superior technological know-how gained through the development of this combo has found another manifestation in the integrated SA-CD/ CD player DP-78. Incorporating the latest advances in digital technology, the DP-78 is destined to take its place at the top of its class. By concentrating solely on two- channel sources both in the SA-CD and CD format, the DP-78 lets you fully enjoy the best that orthodox music reproduction has to offer. Ever since its introduction in 1999, the SA-CD catalog of hybrid discs has been expanding. With its 2.8224 MHz/ 1-bit format, the SA-CD stores four times as much information as a conventional CD at 44.1 kHz/16-bit. This allows it to realize dramatically superior physical performance as manifested by wider frequency response and dynamic range. The DP-78 is equipped to make full use of this impressive potential. It will let you rediscover the deep joy and satisfaction that a truly outstanding musical experience can offer. But the DP-78 not only handles the SA-CD format with impeccable finesse, it will bring out the best from conventional CD sources as well. Be prepared for a wholly new encounter with your entire musical catalog. The SA-CD/CD transport section and the processor section of the DP-78 are kept entirely independent of each other, to achieve optimum performance in each regard. The transport features a single lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism, combined with a digital servo controlled by its own DSP. This advanced approach assures highly accurate processing of the digital signal and excellent support for high-sampling-frequency sources including 2.8224 MHz/1-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit. The DAC – a key component for determining sound quality – incorporates a further refined version of the acclaimed MDS principle, called MDS++. As a result of this non-holds- barred approach, the DP-78 projects a sound stage of unprecedented realism and sheer musical perfection. Digital Audio Signal Digital Audio Signal TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Driver/Receiver Security Control RJ-45 Connector RJ-45 Connector Security Control HS-Link Decoder HS-Link Encoder SA-CD / CD CD Optical Head Motor & DriverDigital Signal ProcessorCP-1201 EncoderCP-1201 Driver RF Signal Processor DSP×2 Digital Servo ProcessorClock Generator Infrared ReceiverKey Matrix Display Master Control Computer Option 1 Option 2 Linear Phase Low-Pass Filter Linear Phase Low-Pass Filter Ultra Jitter-Free PLL Interface DecoderOptical Coaxial OpticalCoaxialUnbalanced Balanced Unbalanced Balanced Digital Inputs Option SlotsLeft Analog Outputs SA- CD Optical Head Transport Outputs Right Analog Outputs DAC DAC×6 D/A Conversion System Buffer Buffer DAC DAC×6 MDS ++ D/A Conversion System MDS ++ TIA/EIA-568A CAT.5 STRAIGHT CABLE High Low DC-330 DF-45 DP-78 nDigital servo with dedicated DSP assures highly accurate signal pickup for SA-CDs and CDs nPlays also regular CDs with outstanding quality nSingle lens/twin pickup mechanism minimizes access time nSupport for text data display including disc title and artist name information nStrong, precision-machined chassis with resonance and vibration resistant construction nSA-CD/CD transport output via optional HS-Link Output Board DO2-HS1 (see connection example below) SA-CD/CD Transport Section Features and Functions n“High Carbon” cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics further enhance sound quality nMulti-function remote commander RC-100 supplied as standard equipment nDedicated coaxial and optical connectors for CD signal output `Assembly with master clock generator, DAI encoder/decoder, ul- tra jitter-free PLL cir- cuit, and other digital signal processing cir- cuitry Transport section outputs Accuphase Original Digital Interface HS-Link: High Speed Link Digital connection for multi-amped system Using HS-Link, it is possible to keep the connection of DP-78 Š DC-330 Š DF-45 entirely in the digital domain until directly before the power amplifier. The various components are connected with HS-Link cable. DO2-HS1 installed DI2-HS1 installedDO2-HS1 installed in OUTPUTS slotFor 5-way con- figuration and higher: to addi- tional DF-45Analog output (2-way configuration) HS-Link cable HS-Link cable Power amplifier Power amplifier Connection example for effective use of SA-CD/CD transport DP-78 Block DiagramHS-Link Block Diagram HS-Link is an ultra high-quality digital audio interface developed by Accuphase using the latest digital signal transmission technology. It supports send/receive verification for copyright protection. The LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) principle allows a single dedicated HS-Link cable to transmit signals using advanced digital audio formats such as 2.8224 MHz/1-bit or 192 kHz/24-bit. Because digital audio data are transmitted with utmost fidelity, the sound quality achieved by HS-Link is outstanding.