Accuphase DP 700 Brochure

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Accuphase DP 700 Brochure

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n Supplied remote commander RC-100 Gives access to various functions including direct play, repeat, pro- gram play, input switching, and level control.The DSD signal from the input is upsampled by a factor of 2, resulting in a sampling frequency of 5.6448 MHz/1-bit. After volume processing, the circuit performs D/A conversion using a highly ingenious moving-average fi lter principle. In the DP-700, this involves seven delay devices and eight MDS++ type D/A converters. The signal is delayed (shifted) progressively by one clock cycle to produce eight signals which are sent to separate D/A converters for direct D/A conversion. The converted signals are then summed. Since conversion errors are kept to an absolute minimum by the use of MDS++ type DACs, the MDSD principle results in an 8-pole high-cut fi lter with perfectly linear phase characteristics. Innovative digital signal processing : MDSD (Multiple Double Speed DSD) Digital input DSD signal m Reduces noise during volume processingm Shifts the effective fi lter frequency upwards Digital volume processingVolume Upsampler x2 2.8224 MHz/1-bit 5.6448 MHz/1-bit 5.6448 MHz/1-bit Delay device Delay device Delay device Delay device Delay device Delay device Delay device Delayed by 1 clock cycleNormal phase output Reverse phase output “Moving-average fi lter” circuit DAC output Current summing Voltage summing I (Current) - V (Voltage) converter