Accuphase DP 55 V Brochure

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Accuphase DP 55 V Brochure

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CD transport control assembly Comprises the CD transport servo control/key input/ display/output level microcontroller, balanced actuator drive circuit and other components. Digital I/O, D/A converter assembly Comprises the coaxial/optical digital input/output connectors, PLL circuitry, digital filter, MDS type D/A converter and other components.Analog output assembly Comprises the 3-pole analog filter, balanced/ unbalanced audio output circuitry, power supply circuits, unbalanced output jacks, balanced output connectors and other components. the signal path will be canceled out, so that the playback sound remains utterly pure and undiluted. For utmost flexibility, balanced XLR connectors as well as unbalanced RCA-type connectors are provided. CD Transport Section Fully digital control of CD mechanism The control circuitry of the mechanism section is fully digital, allowing the use of adaptive filtersto optimize servo performance for each individual disc. This assures enhanced operation stability and a drastic reduction in error rate. Laser pickup with integrated RF amplifier for error-free operation Since the output level of a laser pickup is very low, it is highly vulnerable to externally induced noise. To prevent such problems, the pickup used in the DP-55V employs an RF amplifier which is so compact that it can be directly Remote commander RC-18 Allows operation of all functions except power on/off. Enjoy superb convenience by switching input sources or controlling features such as direct play, program play and repeat play. integrated in the pickup assembly. This assures that the high-level output signal remains free from noise interference, which in turn reduces the error rate. Analog output with balanced circuitry