Accuphase DC 101 DP 100 Brochure

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Accuphase DC 101 DP 100 Brochure

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Accuphase Opens Up Another Dimension in Pure Audio Separate Type SACD Player for a Superb New Medium: Super Audio CD. Connection of DP-100 to DC-330 Digital Connection of DP-100 to DC-330 and DF-35 DP-100 Application Examples To connect the DP-100 to other equipment for wide frequency range/wide dynamic range reproduction of a SACD source, an HS-Link interface is required. Using HS-Link, the DP-100 can also be connected to other current Accuphase components besides the DC-101, such as the Digital Preamplifier DC-330 and the DP-85, DP-77, or DP-75V. By installing other option boards, combination with components such as the Digital Voicing Equalizer DG-28/DG-38 and the Channel Divider DF-35 also becomes possible. This opens up a variety of ways to enjoy high quality music media. * The HS-Link cable is supplied with the DP-100. Connection of DP-100 to DC-101 or DP-75V *DI2-HS1 installed in option board slot of DC-330 Using the HS-Link, it is possible to keep the connection of DP-100 c DC-330 c DF-35 entirely in the digital domain until directly before the power amplifier. The various components are connected with HS-Link cable. * DI2-HS1 installed in option board slot of DC-330 DO2-HS1 installed in OUTPUTS slot of DC-330 *DI2-HS1 installed in option board slot of DF-35 orPreamplifier HS-Link cable Analog output *DI2-HS1 installed as standard equipment in DC-101 *DI2-HS1 installed in option board slot of DP-75V Analog output Power amplifier HS-Link Cable Power amplifier HS-Link cable DO2-HS1 installed in OUTPUTS slotFor 5-way configuration and higher: additional DF-35 Power amplifier Analog output (2-way configuration) HS-Link cable HS-Link Input Board DI2-HS1 This board serves for input of the digital signal corre- sponding to the HS-Link interface. • Installed as standard equipment in the DC-101.  Serves for connecting the DP-100 to the DC-330, DP-75V, etc.  Requires a dedicated HS-Link cable, such as the HDL-15 from Accuphase.  Uses two slots. HS-Link Output Board DO2-HS1 This board serves for output of the digital signal cor- responding to the HS-Link interface.  By installing this board in the DC-330, the signal from the DP-100 can be sent on to the DF-35 in digital form.  Requires a dedicated HS-Link cable.